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Cut to the Chase

Show #72
Marshall Masters
19-May-2007 [0:59:51]

NEO Researcher and Author, E. P. Grondine — Man and Impact in the Americas

Man and Impact in the AmericasNear Earth Object researcher and author E. P. Grondine has traveled the breadth of the Americas in search of ancient impact sites and he found them. Lots of them!  Enough to pack his highly regarded book, Man and Impact in the Americas with a wake up call that resonated with the nation’s lawmakers. 

In fact, his research was fundamental in the passage of the 2005 Brown amendment in which Congress charged NASA with the responsibility of developing a formalized NEO impact plan — against NASA's own wishes.

If you think Grondine is just another mealy-mouth, scientific bureaucrat you need to hear this man speak his mind. "It's been a long hard struggle to get NASA to do the right thing," and "cosmologists are physicists that can't handle the math" is what you'll hear. OK, so he’s just a wee bit outspoken, but he’s also factual. This is why lawmakers such as Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R - CA) avidly listen to him when he describes his findings about ancient impact cataclysms in the Americas. 

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This interview features a special bonus, for those of you who contemplating whether or not buy the Apocalypto DVD by Mel (I’m only anti-Semitic when I’m drunk) Gibson when it comes out on May 22. You’ll want to hear what this Mayan history expert has to say.