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Cut to the Chase

Show #70
Marshall Masters
14-Apr-2007 [1:01:41]

Government Whistleblower "Henry Deacon" — NOAA Is Tracking Planet X

Government Whistleblower "Henry Deacon" — NOAA Is Tracking Planet XIn our last show with Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd, we learned of a recent Planet X disclosure by a former government scientist turned whistleblower and who now identifies himself as "Henry Deacon." An ex-Livermore physicist with verifiable credentials, his story was first broken by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot.

A relative newcomer to paranormal web sites that some feel could very well become the next Whistleblowers "R" Us of the Internet, thanks to the gravitas of it's founders. Bill is a UK-based mathematician, physicist and teacher. Kerry is an MBA specializing in the film industry and who started Project Camelot with Bill in the role as her independent documentary producer.

In this groundbreaking interview, you'll be amazed to learn that a secretive, high-level department within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is not only aware of the fact that we live in a binary star system. They know where the twin is, and how it is perturbing our Sun because, according to "Henry Deacon," they're already factoring these perturbations into their forecasts. Worse, yet is what Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan have learned about what we're facing in the near future.

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