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Cut to the Chase

Show #68
Marshall Masters
25-Mar-2007 [0:54:58]

Author Paul LaViolette, Ph.D. — Pulsars are The Result of Intelligent Design

Author Paul LaViolette, Ph.D. — Pulsars are The Result of Intelligent DesignIn his book, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy, physicist Paul LaViolette, Ph.D. tells us that not only do we live in a universe teeming with life and peaceful civilizations far advanced beyond our own, but also each of us is now benefiting from their technology, each time we set a clock.

Our modern society is dependent on accurate timekeeping, which is why we rely on atomic clocks to give the correct time for use with the myriad of timekeeping devices we use today. Just as we rely on atomic clocks for split-second accuracy, they in turn are set using pulsars. First discovered in 1967, pulsars are rotating neutron stars that emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves.

According to LaViolette, pulsars are not naturally occurring objects, but rather, they represent an intelligent design. One intended for timekeeping, navigation and which serves as a faster-than-light warning system for events called galactic superwaves. At best, these superwaves are an annoyance to industrialized societies. At worst, they can and do trigger extinction level events (ELE). LaViolette tells that there have already been numerous ELE cataclysms on Earth and that our planet is now moving into the cross-hairs of yet another.

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