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Cut to the Chase

Show #67
Marshall Masters
12-Mar-2007 [0:54:37]

Futurist Jacque Fresco — His Vision of the Future Inspires Star Trek Creators

Futurist Jacque Fresco — His Vision of the Future Inspires Star Trek CreatorsWhen we think of a Star Trek future, we see a peaceful, unified Earth where money is no longer used in what will become a resource-based economy. However, getting from here to the 23rd century will be a bumpy and painful ride, as the storyline goes. It stems from a fictional vision of the future conceived by creative minds in Hollywood, which have inspired generations of young minds to pursue careers in science. Inspired by this hopeful message for the future, they have invented and continue to invent the technological marvels we now take for granted.

So who inspires those like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica animator Doug Drexler, who have inspired our brightest young minds? One such source of inspiration is futurist Jacque Fresco.

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Decades before the Star Trek pilot aired, he began working to plant the intellectual seeds of a resource-based economy to end all war and suffering for future generations. This will be very familiar to those inspired by the possibility of a Star Trek future, but with one notable difference. Jacque’s vision goes where no Star Trek storyline could ever go. It goes to a nuts-and-bolts road map of human engineering required to make it happen. His latest film, Future by Design, by the award-winning filmmaker, William Gazecki is one such road map.