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Cut to the Chase

Show #64
Marshall Masters
03-Feb-2007 [1:11:32]

Survival Author Albert Bates — When Walmart Dies Like an Oil-Starved Canary in the Coal Mine, How Will We Survive?

Survival Author Albert BatesAccording to Albert Bates is an Environmental Educator and Founder of the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee, we're close to peak oil. Given our present rate of consumption, he sees 2012 as the target year when our petroleum-based economies hit the wall.

Long before that, we'll see the death of box stores like Walmart with their long supply lines to China. This is why our leaders are in a near-panic mode and seeking alternative sources of conventional energy. As we stampede once again toward the nuclear gene, we're talking about clean coal, tortilla-free ethanol and mirrors in space. So what happens when the phit hits the shan?

In his book The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times, Albert offers us a common sense approach to these troubling times ahead and a little hope. After our economies are throttled by energy shortages and mainstream America is ravaged by a flood of mortgage foreclosures, we'll have more leisure time for gardening and arts and crafts in a post-oil world. So cheer up!

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