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Cut to the Chase

Show #62
Marshall Masters


Planet X Forecast for April 2007 to July 2014 with Jacco van der Worp and Echan Deravy

Planet X Forecast for April 2007 to July 2014

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This interview offers a global snapshot of current research based on the findings of three notable authors and researchers in the growing field of Planet X 2012 research. A first-of-a-kind, this 3-part interview spans a wide range of late-breaking scientific news and humanistic findings, directly related to this timely field of study. Special focus is given to future events leading up to and beyond December 21, 2012.

HIGHIGHTS: This program follows the graphical orbital projections prepared by Dutch physicist Jacco van der Worp. His forecast offers scientific estimates of where this massive object will be at various dates between 2007 and 2014, and discusses the catastrophic possibilities of this impending flyby.