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Cut to the Chase

Show #61
Marshall Masters
7-Dec-2006 [1:12:54]

Weather Warfare Author Jerry Smith — Now That Bush's Plan Has Failed, Will Our New Way Forward Bring WWIII and WMD?

The Lincoln Who Lost?Now that we're officially losing the war in Iraq, where do we go from here? The prospects are bleak because Congress will do what Congress does best. It will piss all over itself and that will put us on a prophetic runaway train, headed for WWIII and with Islamofacist terrorists bent on using WMD.

As of December 6, 2006 our strategic goals have become the fodder of political chaos. Like blood in the water, this will only encourage our enemies. Eventually, some nutter will send suicidal homicide bombers to us with Russian suitcase nukes strapped to their backs. After that, what do we send in return? The same old stuff, or a new high tech genocide weapon that will boggle the mind? That's the subject of this interview.

In his newest book, Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature, author Jerry E. Smith, shows us a new WMD technology that gives our military the power to eradicate our enemies with massive attacks in a way that will appear to be unknowable will of Allah. We'll know otherwise.

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