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Cut to the Chase

Show #60
Marshall Masters and Janice Manning
5-Nov-2006 [1:17:19]

Author Frank Joseph — Using Synchronicity to Survive Catastrophe

Author Frank Joseph - Using Synchronicity to Survive CatastropheSynchronicity explains the interwoven magic of our lives When we embrace a synchronicity-aware lifestyle we quickly enrich our lives with a great moral resiliency as we each come understand unique true mission in life.

In his book There Are No Coincidences: Synchronicity As the Modern-day Mystical Experience, author Frank Joseph shows us how-to connect unrelated events our lives in ways that centered us so that we can fully appreciate the many gifts God gives us. Insightful gifts our material pursuits tend to mask.

Also in this revealing interview, you'll learn how the moral resilience of a synchronicity-aware lifestyle, can substantially help you to anticipate and bounce back more quickly from a future catastrophic event. To help demonstrate simplicity and power of a synchronicity-aware lifestyle, Marshall shares his own synchronicity experiences as a CNN science feature producer and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM.

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