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Cut to the Chase

Show #59
Marshall Masters
16-Oct-2006 [1:01:37]

Author and Nuclear Physicist Rick Firestone — Killer Supernovas and Human Evolution

Author and Nuclear Physicist Rick Firestone - Killer Supernovas and Human EvolutionIn The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes, Richard Firestone put forth the idea that we've entered a new thousand-year extinction event threat window due to the killer supernovas that regularly happen in this part of the galaxy. Given that our solar system is now passing through the center of the galactic plane with the densest concentration, this threat is greater than ever before. This is because a supernova of a sun many times the size of our own hits us like a Tsunami with multiple waves of destruction.

First comes the flash with lethal doses of radiation that causes mass-extinction level events. The last arrived some 35,000 years ago. Ten thousand years later, the second wave comprised of gas and debris hit us and caused a lesser extinction event that primarily wiped out large land animals. Then came the third wave. Comets dislodged from the Oort cloud that surrounds our solar system by the second wave. According to Firestone, one such massive comet struck Canada 13,000 years, ago with the force of billions of Hiroshima bombs. The explosion ripped away 2/3 of the atmosphere in the Northern Hemisphere and caused the extinction of the Woolly Mammoths and other large species of land animals. In this gripping interview of late breaking scientific findings, you'll learn if we're all living on borrowed time.

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