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Cut to the Chase

Show #54
Marshall Masters
22-June-2006 [1:13:34]

Atlantis Author Frank Joseph — The Destruction of Lemuria is Linked to the Ten Plagues of Exodus

Atlantis Author Frank Joseph — The Destruction of Lemuria is Linked to the Ten Plagues of ExodusRenowned Atlantis expert, editor of the Anicent American Magazine and author of The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Frank Joseph sees a direct link between the destruction of Lemuria and the Ten Plagues of Exodus.  The historical accounts in The Kolbrin Bible and Old Testament portray a regional catastrophe.  However, Joseph believes that recent deep-sea archaeological finds of massive Lemurian structures off the shores of Japan paint an entirely different picture.  That of a natural global catastrophe resulting from multiple impact events which happened when the Earth flew through the tail of a massive comet.

Also known as Mu, the Lemurian civilization spanned a vast range of Pacific Ocean archipelagoes.  Peaceful and deeply spiritual, they lived in harmony with the land and according to Joseph, their history predates that of the Sumerian civilization.  Having thrived for several millennia, they developed highly sophisticated farming and weather control systems, remnants of which are still in use today. 

Even though the Lemurians survived numerous catastrophes, their civilization was eventually destroyed by a Tsunami at the very time Moses was leading the Jews out of Egypt.  In anticipation of that event, the Lemurians migrated to the four corners of the Earth where their decedents would later influence the customs and beliefs of several indigenous cultures. 

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According to Frank Joseph, what caused the destruction of their homeland as well as the destruction of Atlantis and the Plagues of Exodus will happen again.