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Cut to the Chase

Show #53
Host: Marshall Masters
04-June-2006 [1:11:58]

Co-operative Internet Banking Creator Kelvyn Alp — Why Increasing Natural Disasters Will Cause Global Financial Systems to Fail

Co-operative Internet Banking Creator Kelvyn AlpOne of the most beloved things about America is that our nation has never known the scourge of debtor prisons.  Yet, our financial systems have become a de facto debtor prison for the middle class.   With shopping malls for gilded cages, we happily charge away with consumption madness, and with little concern for tomorrow.  However, as the  2012 timeframe draws near, those gilded cages will soon become a naive memory.

With the approach of Planet X / Nibiru, every natural and manmade system on our planet will be catastrophically disrupted.  This includes the financial markets and with equally catastrophic results. So what will those who plan to cross this bridge when they come to it likely find?  A financial reality tinged with an Orwellian mix of Number of the Beast tactics and 18th century European-style debtor prisons. 

This is why Kelvyn Alp of New Zealand formed Alternian.net, a co-operative form of international banking for those want to meet the difficult years ahead on their own terms.  In a manner of speaking, Alterian.net is to international consortiums what the free Linux, Open Office and Firefox web browser are to Microsoft – a viable choice.

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