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Cut to the Chase

Show #46
Marshall Masters
29-January-2006 [1:03:55]

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd — Astronomers Report New Kuiper Belt Evidence of Planet X / Nibiru

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd -- Planet X / Nibiru OrbitWell known for his Nemesis theory amongst Planet X / Nibiru researchers, Andy Lloyd returns to Cut to the Chase to discuss the important new evidence in his book, The Dark Star.

How important is this new evidence? During his last interview, Andy stated the opinon that a Planet X / Nibiru flyby was still way off in the far future.

However, this new data has convinced him that the impending Planet X / Nibiru flyby will happen in the 2012 time frame or not at all.

Schooled in the natural sciences, Andy's UK-based Dark Star web site brings a crisp analysis to the debate with well-reasoned arguments and loads of great Planet X / Nibiru graphics.  

According to his theory, we live in a binary solar system and Planet X / Nibiru actually orbits Nemesis, a red dwarf sun that orbits Sol in an eliptical long period orbit.

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