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Cut to the Chase

Show #45
Marshall Masters
10-November-2005 [1:23:29]

Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.com How the Meek Will Survive the Next Planet X Flyby

Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.comAs our readers may recall, Yowusa.com ran several "Zetahysteria" articles back in 2003 because we disagreed with Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.com and the reckless scaremonger, Mark Hazlewood, that a Nibiru would happen in 2003.  Now, Nancy reveals the true story behind the 2003 Nibiru panic. 

It was planned by the Zetas (an extraterrestrial race), to provoke President Bush into a precipitous invasion of Iraq to secure the oil fields in advance of a Nibiru flyby.  The answers to the obvious question "by whom?" and "to what end?" may surprise you. 

In another surprise twist, Nancy also explains how the Zetas are in virtually full agreement with another Cut to the Chase guest, Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd.

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