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Cut to the Chase

Show #44
Marshall Masters
07-November-2005 [1:05:05]

Kolbrin Bible Researcher Glenn Kimball — Why Jesus Studied and Taught this Prophetic Work and How He Influenced it

Glenn Kimball: The Kolbrin BibleThe present world view of Jesus Christ is largely defined by the New Testament. Jesus spent a significant part of his childhood in Egypt, the land of the Great Library of Alexandria, and later in his life, he spent time traveling and teaching where remnants of his sayings and personal adventures are recorded. According to Glenn Kimball, author, teacher, Kolbrin Bible researcher and publisher of the Ancient Manuscripts web site, Jesus' grandmother was born in Britannia and Jesus had visited his grandmother during his lifetime with his great uncle, the wealthy Joseph of Arimathea.

By this time in history, the origins of The Kolbrin Bible were already part of the curriculum of study for the Druid/Magi fraternity at the great schools of Britannia. Some estimates suggest that 60,000 students were immersed in one of nine general courses of study. One of those courses was the study of the origins of life, history and God as paralleled in the Western Holy Bible. Jesus most certainly read, influenced and understood The Kolbrin Bible from the land of his Grandmother.

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