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Cut to the Chase

Show #43
Marshall Masters
16-October-2005 [1:17:34]

How-To Validate Your Own Paranormal Experiences — Walking with Spirit Radio Host Monique Chapman

Walking with Spirit Radio Host Monique ChapmanWhether we want to admit it or not, we all connect with a greater awareness in some way, and sometimes what we see terrifies us. If you or someone you know has experienced an unsettling dream, premonition, vision or sensation, Monique Chapman offers simple, practical advice for immediate results.

An Intuitive Consultant and Founder of the Healing Visions Ministries, she also hosts the popular weekly Internet radio show, "Walking with Spirit" on the Healthy Life Network. After listening to this program, you'll know how to vet your experiences and whether or not you need to share them, and with whom.

During this unique program designed to bring comfort to the soul, Marshall also discusses his own newfound ability and how Monique is helping him to further develop it.

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