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Cut to the Chase

Show #42
Marshall Masters
03-October-2005 [1:13:31]

Intelligent Design is the Other Half of Mars that Richard Hoagland Missed Altogether — Cydonia Codex Author George Haas

Cydonia Codex Author George HaasHuman origin is once again at the center of a hot public debate as creationists are trying to slip the theory of Intelligent Design into the classroom. Evolutionists are outraged that their virtual Darwinian monopoly is under attack. Worse yet, the creationists have stolen pages from the Evolutionist playbook.

They're saying, let's have an open discussion and let the kids and parents decide. This is great news, because the Creationists are opening the door to a more credible version of Intelligent Design than their own. That we could have been designed by intelligent extraterrestrials.

Cydonia Codex authors George J. Haas and William R. Saunders have studied bifurcated geo-formations existing from all across the face of Mars, and the correlations to ancient human civilizations go far beyond coincidence.

The importance of their findings is immense. If we find that we are a bioengineered race with roots on Mars, then name one religion in the world that has an exclusive on God!

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In other words, if we have the guts to see if our roots reach back to the parched landscape of Mars, maybe we can finally put our bloody and terrifying religious triumphal antics behind us.