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Cut to the Chase

Show #41
Marshall Masters
11-September-2005 [1:08:09]

CHEAP ENERGY FOR SALE! — Lu Brits and Jacco van der Worp

Cheap Energy for SaleYippee, folks! We're finally free of oil dependency!  Lutec Australia PTY LTD  has a patented overunity power generator, and they are TAKING ORDERS! That's right. You can buy it today! Want proof? Go to their plant in Australia with your own testing gear today, and "kick the tires" using their fully functional commercial application demonstrator. At a minimum, expect to see a return of 3.5 units of output energy for each 1 unit of input energy.

Lutec is ready to build an overunity generator to your own specification for any single-phase residential or three-phase industrial application. Or, license the technology, and build it yourself. Inventor Lu Brits explains all this plus much more. For the benefit of skeptics, Dutch Physicist Jacco van der Worp explains how to put the Lutec device through the mother of all acid tests, and in layman's terms.

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