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Cut to the Chase

Show #38
Marshall Masters
20-June-2005 [0:59:53]

Physicist Jacco van der Worp Presents LUTEC 1000 Findings —  "It Works — They Pinned it Down!"

Blood for OilLast March, we featured a breakthrough interview with Lutec 1000 inventor, Lu Brits. After our interview first aired, Sterling D. Allan, Executive Director of the PES Network, Inc. betrayed his personal pledge to Marshall Masters to conduct a fair and balanced evaluation of the technology, and initiated a vicious smear campaign against Lutec.

In response to Allan's self-serving attacks, physicist and systems failure analyst Jacco van der Worp initiated a comprehensive study of the Lutec 1000, the theory behind it and its operating concepts. Now, the results are in. According to Jacco,

America could begin using the Lutec 1000 to extract itself from President Bush's current Oil for (American) Blood energy strategy, in just a few months! What has been the response?

The oil interests and their government lackeys are conducting a concerted effort to isolate and kill this small firm before it can bring forth the new hope of clean, inexhaustible and inexpensive power to humanity. Listen to Jacco's explanations, which feature straightforward layman's terms, and then decide for yourself.

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LUTEC 1000: Fig. 1 - Top Down

LUTEC 1000: Fig. 1 - Top Down

A. Electronic Pickups
B. Rotor with Permanent Magnets
C. Stator
D. Core Holders


LUTEC 1000: Fig. 2 - Side View

LUTEC 1000: Fig. 2 - Side View

A. Electronic Switches
B. Electronic Pickups
C. Input Leads
D. Front Panel
E. Back Panel
F. Output Leads
G. Section Spacers
H. Coil Spacers