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Cut to the Chase

Show #35
Marshall Masters
12-May-2005 [1:07:40]

Remote Viewing Instructor Echan Deravy Offers Reports on New Planet X / Nibiru Findings from Japan

Echan Deravy and Remote ViewingSolar Code author and noted Nibiru lecturer, Echan Deravy returns to Cut to the Chase to offer an immense wealth of thoughts on Nibiru, the quickening and evolution, and he connects the dots in a way that will blow your mind. 

This fast-paced interview starts with a true nuts-and-bolts look at how remote viewing works and what remote viewers in Japan are reporting about Nibiru or some other massive inbound object. 

Interestingly enough, their reports help substantiate the binary star threat theory explained by Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd during his March 2005 Cut to the Chase interview. 

In a surprise twist, Echan offers evolutionary insights that echo some of the paradigm shifting ideas shared by Biocosm Author James Gardner during his May 2004 Cut to the Chase interview.

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