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Cut to the Chase

Show #33
Marshall Masters
05-March-2005 [1:03:41]

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd — Planet X / Nibiru Orbits Sol's Companion and Threatens Us From Afar

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd -- Planet X / Nibiru OrbitWell known for his Nemesis theory amongst Nibiru researchers, Andy Lloyd argues in his book, The Dark Star, that Nibiru does not orbit Sol.  Rather, it orbit's Sol's smaller companion star, called Nemesis by the many notable astronomers who've postulated its existence. 

Schooled in the natural sciences, Andy's UK-based Dark Star web site brings a crisp analysis to the debate with well-reasoned arguments and loads of great Nibiru graphics.  

In a very real sense, Andy brings a whole new spin to the subject, because according to his theory, Nibiru actually orbits Nemesis, which in turn orbits Sol, which accounts for the odd manner in which it enters and leaves our own system during its flyby. 

While Andy feels that there are greater distances involved than most Nibiru researchers hypothesize, he hastens to add that there are also greater dangers at times like this, when the elliptical orbit of Nemesis brings it closest to Sol.

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