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Cut to the Chase

Show #32
Marshall Masters
20-February-2005 [1:20:40]

2013 will be the Worst Year of the Planet X / Nibiru Flyby Physicist Jacco van der Worp

2013 will be the Worst Year of the Nibiru FlybyAs the debate over global warming heats up to a frenzied pitch between the USA and the rest of the world, the real truth of the matter is being withheld. This is unfortunate because America is not the primary contributor to global warming - it is the current inbound flight of Nibiru.

Also known as Planet X and the Destroyer, this massive object is the primary engine of warming throughout our solar system. In the coming years, its flight through the core of our solar system will generate a dizzying increase in Sumatra Superquake-class events, freakish European weather, Atlantic hurricanes and other natural catastrophes across the globe.

In this groundbreaking interview, Dutch Physicist Jacco van der Worp summarizes over 5 years of systematic multi-field research into this phenomenon by the founders of Yowusa.com. Detailed predictions for the types and frequency of natural disasters between now and the year 2013 are presented. Yet, as dark as this future may appear, there may be hope; and NASA's Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn could hold the key.

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