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Cut to the Chase

Show #30
Marshall Masters
26-January-2005 [1:03:39]

Iraq War Fighter Captain Rick: "Is President Bush Writing Bigger Checks Than Our Military Can Cash?"

Is President Bush Writing Bigger Checks Than Our Military Can Cash?Last December, Captain Rick 2Slick, as he is known to netizens, weighed in on the honesty of the American media. Now, he does the same with the Iraqi people and gives his honest, boots-on-the-ground perspective on whether or not democracy can flourish in Iraq.

He knows them well, having fought his way into Iraq in 2003 as a Captain in the US Army.

He has just finished his second tour of duty in Kuwait and continues to fight the injustices of the American media on his war blog 2slick.blogspot.com.

He also addresses a key concern for YOWUSA.COM, that being the possibility that we may, ourselves, be dangerously over-extended in the Middle East.

If you have nagging doubts, as we do, you'll appreciate his no-fluff assessment.

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