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Cut to the Chase

Show #29
Marshall Masters
01-January-2005 [1:11:29]

Author Lloyd Pye — Surviving the Coming American Tsunami Disaster 

Surviving the Coming American Tsunami Disaster Lloyd Pye, tsunami researcher and author of Everything You Know is Wrong explains why the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami could have been far more catastrophic, as unimaginable as that may sound. 

He further reveals that the entire East Coast of America (from the North of Maine to the South of Florida) faces a tsunami threat comparable to that of the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami. 

This threat to the entire Eastern seaboard is not an "if", but a "when" and according to leading scientists this could happen at any moment.  When it does, the death toll and destruction in America will make 2004 Sumatra Tsunami pale in comparison. 

That is, unless we take immediate steps to educate Americans on both coasts on how to survive Tsunamis, but why wait?  In this timely interview, you'll learn how to recognize when a Tsunami wave is about to strike and what you can do to greatly enhance your chances of survival.

Lloyd also updates us on his Starchild Project.  The exciting news on this project is that his researchers have isolated a substance that is certain to contain alien DNA that has been co-mingled with human DNA.  Once the last battery of incontrovertible scientific tests are concluded, humanity's belief systems will be turned inside out.  A possibility that intrigues true knowledge seekers while at the same time, terrifying a majority that persists in clinging to Earth-centric theological and scientific dogmas. 

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Perhaps, the real message of the Starchild skull will be "you can't handle the truth."  If so, can we ever hope to evolve as a species?