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Cut to the Chase

Show #28
Marshall Masters
24-December-2004 [1:02:28]

Iraq War Fighter Captain Rick: "Our Enemies are Using the (American) Media as a Tool Of War Against Us" 

Our Enemies in Iraq are Using America's MediaAn American officer who fought his way into Iraq in 2003, during his first tour of duty is now serving his second tour of duty in Kuwait.

Known to netizens as Captain 2Slick, he spends his days fighting the war and his nights fighting the injustices of the American media on his war blog 2slick.blogspot.com.

In this interview, he unravels the agenda-driven spin of the American media, many of who seem to view their blatant mismanagement of the war news as means to an end. The collateral damage that their efforts are causing is deadly to our war fighters and to our chances of achieving victory.

Yet, what is truly history making about this interview is that it is unfiltered and direct.

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