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Cut to the Chase

Show #27
Marshall Masters
15-December-2004 [1:13:00]

Wayne Green and Dale Caruso — Is America Risking It's Own Democracy in Iraq?

Is America Risking It's Own Democracy in Iraq?The word in Iraq is "postpone the election."   The word in Kuwait is why are  citizen soldiers who've been called up to serve in Iraq, now forced to 'Rummy' through the trash for simple armor? 

Are our own freedoms and democratic values about to be drawn into helpless morass in the Middle East? 

After all, isn't America beginning to scratch it 's collective heads, wondering if the neo-con belief that democracy is as addictive to Muslims as crack cocaine really sticks. 

If not, will we slip through the cracks into an abyss of heightened global terror  SUVs and all?  Or, are we missing what's really happening here altogether?

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