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Cut to the Chase

Show #26
Marshall Masters
09-December-2004 [1:09:10]

Mystic Prophet, Father Andrew C. Wingate —  Predicts Major USA Terror Attack by February, and Planet X / Nibiru Flyby in 2012

Father Andrew C. Wingate  — Predicts Major USA Terror AttackA modern day prophet of end times, Father Andrew C. Wingate (Trumpeter's Mission) discusses end times prophecies with Marshall Masters, beginning with his prediction that Islamist terrorist will strike the USA before February 2005 with another major strike. 

One at least as deadly as 9-11. He then reveals his life history as a Catholic mystic prophet, his personal relationship with the Pope and the coming flyby of Nibiru in 1012.

In this fast-paced, information-rich interview, he offers clear near future harbingers of coming prophecy.

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