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Cut to the Chase

Show #24
Marshall Masters
16-October-2004 [1:11:41]

Wayne Green and Dale Caruso — Is David Booth's Vision the True 3rd Vision of Fatima?

 Is David Booth's Vision the True 3rd Vision of Fatima? Psychic David Booth claims that Sister Lucia has confirmed to him that the prophetic vision he announced to the world on Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory, is in fact, the true 3rd vision of Fatima. 

He further claims that he is in possession of a home video, showing him with Sister Lucia, that substantiates this claim.  Is David Booth a true psychic? Has God truly singled him out to bring the world this calamitous message of prophetic doom? 

Or, is he a genuine psychic with a vision that has been trumpeted on several radio shows, who has become a disinformation operative for the government, as Wayne Green now suggests? 

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In this tell-all interview with Wayne Green and Dale Caruso, we not only ask the hard questions, but we also reveal a private recording of David Booth and his true intentions that may shock you.