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Cut to the Chase

Show #23
Marshall Masters
07-October-2004 [1:09:30]

Solar Code Author Echan Deravy – Planet X / Nibiru Will Be Here in 2012, and It Will Bring Death, Destruction and Evolution

Solar Code Author Echan DeravyThe most popular speaker on Planet X / Nibiru and related topics in Japan is author Echan Deravy

In the course of researching his latest book Solar Code, he concludes that Nibiru, or some other large object, will enter the core of our solar system in 2012 and cause widespread death and destruction through its interaction with our Sun. 

It is his contention that our Sun (which comprises 98.8% of the mass of our solar system and is in a frenzy) will trigger a polar flip of the Earth with the passing of Nibiru. 

During this time, he also predicts a significant evolutionary event for humankind; one that will be influenced by the non-coding, extraterrestrial DNA within us; a hidden part of the human blueprint he calls the Solar Code.

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