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Cut to the Chase

Show #19
Marshall Masters
22-August-2004 [1:06:44]

Billy Meier Spokesman, Michael Horn — The Henoch Prophecies Foretell Imminent Civil War, WMD Attacks and Deadly Natural Catastrophes

Michael Horn -- The Henoch PropheciesMichael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, and during his last interview he mentioned that, according to Meier, Asteroid 4179 Toutatis could threaten the Earth late next month.

YOWUSA.COM has been following Toutatis, and in this interview we'll discuss our findings. 

We'll also discuss the The Henoch Prophecies from the Billy Meier Contacts recently published on the Nexus Magazine Webiste. 

According to Horn, the full text of this dark and ancient prophecy was recently given to Billy Meier by a race known to him as the Plejarens.

If the prophecy is ignored and the worst case is allowed to happen, America will become a fractured, tortured and drastically depopulated remnant of itself.

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