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Cut to the Chase

Show #16
Marshall Masters
25-July-2004 [0:46:14]

Kolbrin Scholar Steve Russell —  The "Destroyer" is Coming Again

The Kolbrin BibleThe Kolbrin Bible has recently drawn a great deal of interest from Sitchen and Planet X enthusiasts because it speaks of a "Destroyer" that was responsible for Noah's flood. 

It was also responsible for a great burning of the Earth, such as that caused by the Chicxulub impact that ended the reign of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.

Not much is known about this ancient book, which is a compilation of the ancient texts recovered from the Glastonbury Abbey in the 12th century.  However, the present day message of Kolbin is ominous, according Kolbrin Scholar, Steve Russell, because it prophesies that the "Destroyer" shall come again.

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