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Cut to the Chase

Show #13
Marshall Masters
06-June-2004 [0:54:55]

Author Wayne Green — Are the Catastrophic Visions of David Booth and Gordon Michael Scallion Nearly Upon Us?

DavidHave you been following the anonymous impact predictions of Aussie Bloke?  If so, you need to hear this interview with Wayne Green, who has appeared on the Coast to Coast AM show 24 times.

He introduced nationally renowned psychic David Booth to George Noory's audience.  Booth then revealed a bone-chilling prophecy: a large, black object will pass between the Earth and the Moon in the near future, and it will cause Yellowstone to erupt. 

Booth gained national fame when he foresaw the worst airline disaster in American aviation history in 1979, when he accurately envisioned an engine falling off of an American Airlines DC-10.

He reported his vision to the FAA, and they took him seriously, but were unable to prevent the accident.  Marshall will also reveal new information about Larry Park and his predictions of a possible near-future Yellowstone eruption.

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