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Cut to the Chase

Show #10
Marshall Masters
08-May-2004 [1:07:13]

Dr. Mitchell G. Bard — Has Bush Dropped Us Into a Hopeless Muslim Morass?

Has Bush Dropped Us Into a Hopeless Muslim Morass?According to recent polls, most Americans feel that the war in Iraq is bogged down, and now we find ourselves in a shocking Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal, as reported by 60 Minutes II.  So, with all of this election year politicization and hand-wringing going on, we're asking ourselves some pretty difficult questions now.

Did Bush lead us into Iraq like an oil-thirsty, naive do-gooder, bent on democratizing a tribal culture? Can we ever win with these fanatical Muslims now that Ariel Sharon's plan to abandon the settlements in Gaza has been soundly defeated by his own Likud despite Bush's controversial support for the plan?

Has the time come to sacrifice Israel to Arab sensitivities before Isalmists destroy the world?

Honestly, are these just politically-hyped issues or has Bush truly dropped us smack into the middle of a Muslim morass that defies Western logic? Here to help us understand the dynamics that a Western nation faces when immersed into a Muslim morass is Dr. Mitchell G. Bard, author of Myths & Facts -- A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

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