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Cut to the Chase

Show #9
Marshall Masters
30-April-2004 [1:12:57]

Author Robert Laird — Life As We Know It Could Cease To Exist

Boomer Generation Legacy?What is more dangerous to our way of life: Terrorists, or the self-centered antics of the post-WWII baby-boom generation that now runs Washington? 

As boomers debate whether the Generations X and Y they send to fight and die should have body armor, intelligence analysts fear that cash-strapped North Korea will sell one or more of its 8 or more nuclear warheads to Al Qaeda. 

Or, the nukes could come from Iran, which is has been flooding Iraq with weapons and Al Qaeda fighters for months.  Yet, we still don t get it. We re still squabbling like precocious self-interested idiots as the seeds of our destruction are being sown.

In this eye-opening interview, Boomer Bible author Robert Laird explains why the Boomers will get an American city nuked sometime in the next few years if they are given their way, and why their children do not have the right stuff to fight and win another world war.

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