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Cut to the Chase

Show #8
Marshall Masters
21-April-2004 [1:09:26]

Mine Owner and Radio Host, Robert Hopper — Is the EPA a Shadow Government Enforcer?

Is the EPA is a Shadow Government Enforcer?Was extending the Patriot Act, a really good idea? You might think twice after listening to this powerful Cut to the Chase interview from 2004.

Case in point is the extraordinary legal power granted to the EPA in 1971 by then President Richard Nixon.

Using an innocuously titled investigatory power called a Request for Information (RFI). The EPA used it as part of an extrajudicial  attack on Robert Hopper, the current owner of the Bunker Hill mine in Kellogg, ID.

The attacks started at the outset of the Clinton administration and despite congressional and scientific support in defense of Hopper, the EPA ruthlessly exercised their Nixon-granted powers with a Gestapo-like zeal that was neither transparent nor accountable.

Why is the EPA doing this? With 25 levels and over 150 miles of workings, the mine is perfect for use as an underground survival bunker and command center.


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