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Cut to the Chase

Show #7
Marshall Masters
11-April-2004 [1:05:04]

Michael Horn — Billy Meier Warns of Catastrophic Impact Threat

Michael Horn — Billy MeierMichael Horn is the Authorized American Media  Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Meier has had over 250 contact events with a race known to him as the Plejarens. In 1978 they gave Meier a  2-part prophecy about Asteroid 4179 Toutatis

First, it would be discovered  by French astronomers in 1989, which in fact happened.  However, the  2nd part of the prophecy is ominous.

On September 29, 2004, this rogue asteroid will come within a "safe" distance of 4 lunar distances of Earth according to NASA

However, according to the Plejarens,  it will threaten the Earth and will require a preemptive nuclear strike to keep  its multi-kilometer breadth from slamming into our planet.

In this interview,  Marshall and Michael will discus this and several other stunning Plejaren prophecies.

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