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Cut to the Chase

Show #5
Host: Marshall Masters

20-March-2004 [0.55.56]

Crop Circle Researcher Maurice Osborn to Create  Crop Circle in England in August 2004 Using SCP Message

Crabwood Formation -- August 15, 2002Unlike many so-called crop circle  researchers, Maurice Osborn is a dedicated researcher.  His work is  incredible, and he freely shares everything he does with the world. Uncorrupted by the petty politics, material pursuits and overarching orthodoxies of "notable" researchers, Maurice is determined to make contact with extraterrestrials this summer. 

Using a computer program he designed based on Alien-Internet communication methodologies, he will imprint a message in an English farm field this coming August in hopes of a reply. His message is a variant of an outgoing message created by YOWUSA.COM publisher Marshall Masters  for the Sagan Continuation Project.  In this fascinating 1-hour  interview, he explains how he'll do it — and you can do it too!

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Maurice has a video detailing exactly how he is going to create his crop circle in England this coming August.  Be sure write Maurice to request a copy of this video.  After viewing it, you'll see that it would be impossible for debunkers or hoaxers to recreate the 2002 Crabwood formation in a single evening, let alone a single month!

Crop Circle Connector
Chilbolton Radio Telescope
Near Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Reported Sunday August 19, 2001

Chilbolton "Photograms" August 19, 2001

Crop Circle Connector
Crabwood Farm House
Near Winchester, Hampshire, England
Reported August 15, 2002

Crabwood "Alient Holding Disc" August 15, 2002

Crabwood "Alient Holding Disc" August 15, 2002 -- Closeup

YOWUSA.COM, 03-May-2003
Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?
Marshall Masters

Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?Last year, the Crop Circle Connector web site first reported the incredible Crabwood formation that had just appeared in England on the 15th of August near a microwave station near Winchester, Hampshire.  A few days later, the EarthFiles.com web site published an anonymous decoding of the message, which has since become the de facto standard despite its dubious origins.

In retrospect, the disinformation decoding of the Crabwood formation as published on the EarthFiles.com web site hit the Internet like a 747 full of SARS carriers.  Before we knew it, the decoding became the acknowledged standard and yet, just like SARS, nobody really knew who created this disinformation virus because EarthFiles.com attributed the decoding to two anonymous authors.

Relying solely upon the credibility of the EarthFiles.com, even noted crop circle researchers bought the decoding hook line and sinker despite its dubious sources.

Maurice OsbornThen along comes a fellow by the name of Maurice Osborn.  Yesterday, I received a preview copy of a homemade videotape from him titled Alien Messages. 

I had been half-expecting it after he had written asking me to review his video, so I didn't have much in mind when I plopped it into the VCR.

For a moment, my hand quivered over the remote, but then… the story formed.

Osborn's fastidious attention to the facts and the logic of his analysis became so compelling that I was no longer distracted by ambient sounds and blurry red letters.  Without a doubt, Alien Messages by Maurice Osborn is a brilliant diamond in the rough, and a very large one at that!

In his video, Osborn offers the following analysis of the Crabwood 2002 message.

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

This message is warning us about another extraterrestrial race that is offering us technology and that has broken its promises in the past, which implies secret and unreliable communications between this race and our governments. 

Much PAIN but still time.

He presumes that this means that this has been caused by the bearers of the FALSE gifts but that we have the time to change this.


A single word. It says to believe that there is still time for us to end the suffering.

There is GOOD out there.

It implies that there are good entities that can help us.

We oppose DECEPTION.

This is coming from a group of entities who oppose those who seek to take advantage of us by DECEPTION ("the bearers of the FALSE gifts").


A conduit is a channel, a passageway for people, cables, etc.  He feels that a conduit used by "the bearers of the FALSE gifts" is closing.  The comma at the end of the message indicates that more is to follow, as in perhaps another message this coming August.