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Cut to the Chase

Show #2
Marshall Masters
26-February-2004 [1.02.30]

Lloyd Pye Talks About the Starchild Project

Lloyd Pye - Starchild ProjectApproximately 70 years ago, a young  girl found a 900-year-old skull of what appears to be alien origins. According  to researcher Lloyd Pye, who is now leading the effort to understand this  significant find with the Starchild Project, there is a link between it, modern man and recently reported UFO abductions of women from all around the globe.

Abductees consistently report having their ova harvested for alien  bioengineering projects to create a new man/alien species.  So is there  a smoking gun to prove this is happening now as in the past? 

The  answer is a resounding yes  according to Lloyd Pye

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