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| September 12, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QOn August 5, 2019, the 8chan (8ch.net) message board used by Q and Q Anons went dark after Cloudflare terminated their service account after the El Paso Shooting.  Using their vast network of technology and media companies, the Globalist de-platformed 8chan.

Since then, the MSS has been on the attack ever since, and it was reported extensively that 8chan owner Jim Watkins was subpoenaed to testify before Congress on September 5, 2019, behind closed doors.  Since then, the 8chan media story has flatlined.  Was this another Mueller faux pas for the Dems? Perhaps.

Nonetheless, since then Q has been quiet, and many Patriots are wondering if the de-platforming of 8chan and Q’s current absence represent a crushing blow to the Q Alliance by the Globalists.  Or, have the Globalists actually created a quiet storm that will come back to haunt them?

Following 8ch.net Home

Current reporting in the Q Anon community indicates that Jim Watkins, 8chan owner, is upgrading the message board, ostensibly to replace the Cloudflare ability to block denial of service attacks and bots.

It is expected to return to service later this month, but given that the news story has flat-lined, who really knows where 8ch.net lives these days, or is it dead?

In the meantime, is there anything Patriots can do to follow this story on their own?  You betcha!

If you are using Windows, there are two programs included in the operating system you can use to see if 8ch.net domain name is still in the DNS (Domain Name Service) and another to track it to the physical location where the domain name is currently hosted or parked.


In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, type CMD into the Windows search box.  It will bring up a program called “Command Prompt.”  Click on that, and a command prompt window will appear.  The command prompt is a carry-over from the early days of Microsoft DOS and the first versions of Windows.  These commands are often used by system administrators.

To see if the 8ch.net domain name is still in the DNS registry, use the ping command as follows.

At the prompt, type “ping 8ch.net” and if it is alive, you’ll see a series of “Reply from…” results with the IP address associated with the domain name.

Once you’ve used ping to determine that 8ch.net domain name is recognized by the DNS servers, the next step is to follow it home to where it is currently hosted or parked.


To do this you’ll use the tracert command, by entering the following command at the prompt, “tracert 8ch.net” and below, is a screen capture with the result for both commands.

Ping and Tracert for 8ch.net

Note the red arrows.  They point the way home for 8ch.net in this example and what we see in the screen capture above is that the 8ch.net domain name is active and currently parked with Centauri Communications, Inc., in San Francisco, CA.  What does this suggest for 8chan?

Could We See a Stronger 8chan?

The latest news in the Q Community is that 8ch.net is undergoing a substantial overhaul so that it can operate without being dependent on intermediary security service providers such as Cloudflare. Is this consistent with what is happening, or is 8ch.net floundering and withering away?

The answer to that is found with Centauri Communications.  They offer a very robust suite of Internet services, including colocation space.

8chan Turnaround

Assuming that 8chan owner Jim Watkins wants his message board to come back stronger and without being dependent intermediary services such as Cloudflare, Centauri Communications is the kind of hosting company you’ll use to develop a next-generation new 8chan message board.  This is because of Centauri’s robust colocation services which will enable 8ch.net to operate its own dedicated servers inside their facility.

Once the next generation new 8chan message board has been developed and is ready to go live, it could do so through Centauri or, the message board could be moved to another service provider prior to going live.

Simply put, if the Globalists had actually killed 8chan, you would not be able to ping the domain name, as it would have been wiped out the global DNS system.  That didn’t happen, but they did wound it, and like a marksman who misses the mark, they failed to finish the job.  Remember what Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”

The upshot is, unless the Globalists can find another exploit, 8chan will be back, and it could happen this month, or maybe next, who knows?  8chan is in software development now, and such intense efforts tend to unfold at their own pace.  Nonetheless, this is certainly the direction things are going, but once a new and improved 8chan has been released, it will be beyond the ability of the Globalists to deter it.

In the long run, it appears the Globalists used their exploit ammunition to de-platform 8chan too soon.  Had they done it closer to the elections, it would have been more effective in throttling the Q Alliance presence on 8chan.  In time, this will prove to be to their disadvantage.

Let Them Eat Vacuum

At present, not only is 8chan quiet but so are DOJ and the FBI.  Have you noticed that?  The silence is deafening, and in the last few months, leaks from the DOJ and the FBI have stopped entirely?

Why?  Just track how many people have been fired from these agencies, and you’ll begin to get an idea of why.

Apparently, AG Barr, unlike his predecessors, has employed a very powerful strategy with regards to the Globalists.  He’s letting them eat vacuum, and this is reversing the dark history of illegal leaks and lies which had become commonplace during the Obama administration.

But do the Globalists have the upper hand because they de-platformed 8chan strategy and control the fake news?  And even more to the point, how is this affecting the Q Alliance?

Or more to the point.  Even if 8chan goes back on the air, will Q resume posting there?

What Comes Next

Consider this, Q’s posts on 8chan have served a two-part mission.  The first was to encourage honest research by Q Anons and the greater Q Community.  The second was to feed disinformation and misinformation to the Globalists.

However, now 8chan is dark, so is Q and AG Barr’s strategy to fire the leakers has removed the Globalist’s last source of inside intelligence coming out of the White House, DOJ, and FBI.  Consequently, the Globalists are eating vacuum and wondering what will come next, but frankly, so are we.  With this in mind, let’s look one possible path to the future.

At present, we have the ongoing Huber and Horowitz investigations, plus Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch, is making inroads, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell.

Powell is a force of nature, and she’s not changing Flynn plea.  Rather, she’s going for a complete dismissal of the case, and at this point, the force is with her, but not the government lawyers who are ignoring the court and withholding exculpatory information.  This could be pivotal!

Ergo, because none of this is underreported or misreported by the MSM, does this mean the Globalists are getting away with this heavy-handed suppression?  No, and the bill for their reckless behavior is coming due.

The Wrap, September 11, 2019
‘Fake News’ Fears: 95% of Americans ‘Troubled’ by Current State of Media, Poll Finds

Nearly all Americans are “troubled” by the state of the media, according to a new study from a boutique PR agency, Bospar, in collaboration with Propeller Insights.

The survey of 1,010 American adults found that more than 95% are troubled by the current state of media, with 53% citing “reports on fake news,” 49% citing “reporting gossip,” and 48% citing “lying spokespeople,” as the key causes.

Given that the Globalists are presently eating vacuum and their MSM stooges are losing the public trust, where do things go from here?

8chan will return, but Q may or may not resume posting.  Not because of perception, but rather, because 8chan has served a useful role and new venues will be explored.

Or, to paraphrase an old saying, “Q will dance with who brung them – namely 8chan.”   Trump is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’ll get get next if you’re a Globalist, so we’ll see what we see.  In the meantime, one thing about the Trump administration is that it operates much in the same way Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration did.

Roosevelt made sure the left hand never really knew what the right hand was doing.  It annoyed everyone else to great lengths but it gave Roosevelt the upper hand.  Trump operates in much the same manner, and he gets results.

With this in mind, what we’ll see in the coming months will be the drip, the filth, and the noose.

  1. The Drip: If the Patriots dump all the evidence in one fell swoop, the Globalists will organize a horrific event in response and use it to drive the news cycle. This way, disclosure of the evidence will be underreported or suppressed altogether.   For this reason, the Patriots will use a slow, agonizing drip process to bring out criminal charges and to expose wrongdoings.  The drips will be random, unannounced, and painful so as shake the tree for low-hanging sell-outs.
  2. The Filth: Process issues and technicalities are vapor trails to the public.  They need something ugly and tangible, and the Epstein situation is a 1st class ticket to filth and lots of it.  Consequently, many elites are going to take the hit and after people begin spitting on them for being pedophiles, who will care if they get tried in military tribunals and shipped to Gitmo for life?  Then again, what will that say to Americans who are furious about Globalists and their minions being above the law?
  3. The Noose: If our government is going to regain the trust of the public, fake news hysterics, orange jumpsuits, and courtroom antics are not going to convince anyone of anything. What will is a noose.  The traitors must hang, or faith in our system of justice will be the one thing that actually does swing from a rope.

Between today and the next anniversary of 9/11 next year, we are going to see one of two things.  Trump and the Patriots will kick ass and take names, or the Globalists kick their asses, and then our freedoms are toast.

The Globalists are immensely powerful, and this conflict is a cagey game of move and countermove.  Ergo, the Patriots will only have one chance to get it right.  What an amazing time to be alive!

Where We Go One We Go All

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