Q Alliance vs. Globalist Elites – Who Wins and Who Loses

| March 18, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QAmerica is standing upon the precipice of a profound escalation in the battle between the leadership of the Q Alliance and Globalist Elites following the long-awaited release of the Mueller report.

Granted, we understand the ramifications of this short term situation, but what about the coming Planet X flyby?

This question is the real crux of the matter.

To put this in perspective, let’s take a step back to see the future.  What we see at present, is that the big fish are eating the big fish and we (the people) are the little fish in what is a very crowded and contentious pond.

Given that, what do we (the good people) stand to win and what do we stand to lose?  A key question as it addresses the crux of the matter in very clear terms and the upshot is that we’re in a classic battle between good and evil.

You may wonder how are we to know if the Q Alliance leadership wins in the near term.

The desired outcome will be a large number of perp walks and the demise of the Central Bank system and a moderately difficult period of transition, back to constitutional law and the creation of a national currency backed by precious metals and issued by our Federal government. Not greedy banksters in London.

A Q Alliance victory will spell the end of debt-backed Central Banks and the fiat currencies they create to serve themselves, which in turn will lift the fortunes of masses in wondrous ways.

But can this gold thing, really work?  Does America have that much gold?

Ask the many gold mine owners across the USA who are presently restricted by the government on how much gold they can produce from their mines.  It’s there, and there is more than enough.  Back in 1913, the American Government already knew that there were thousands of ounces of gold waiting to be mined in the Grand Canyon and then President Woodrow Wilson shut it down.  The gold is still there.

Gee that sounds great but what happens if things go sideways?

Absent a quick victory for the Globalists with the impeachment of President Trump; things are more likely to go another way, with a long and difficult battle of attrition, a fight that will thin the ranks and resources of both sides, which are considerable.

To prevail in a battle of attrition, the Globalists will need to overcome the disruption caused by the Great Awakening movements here in America (MAGA) and in England (Brexit) and France (Yellow Jackets.)

If the Globalist prevails, the status quo will be fully restored and the Great Awakening Patriots will be bloodied and silenced forever. With this in mind, let’s take a brief look at the principal actors in this battle of good vs. evil and what makes them tick.

Good vs. Evil Actors

In contrast to the often loud and aggressive maneuvers of Globalist actors, Q Alliance actors are even-tempered as a rule, and the Alliance typically selects its targets with military precision and then executes its strategic aims on a need-to-know basis.

One could imagine that behind them, there are personal bookshelves festooned with copies of The Art of War by Sun Tzu, On War by Carl von Clausewitz, and across every other inch of available wall space, mementos of honor and love. These are not just warriors. They are warrior priests and priestesses, but not infallible.

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Several accounts describe an object in orbit around our sun called the “Destroyer,” which the Celtic authors call the “Frightener.” According to recently translated Sumerian texts, this object (also known as Nibiru or Planet X) is in a 3600-year orbit around our sun, andThe Kolbrin Bible warns us of its imminent return and of yet another Biblical tribulation.

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As to the Globalists, sizing them up is easy.  They are ruthless thugs behind masks, so do not understate them, for they have no restraints in exercising their immense powers of despair.  Therefore, when dealing with the Globalists and their minions, an old Texas adage says it best.   “You can play with snakes all you want, as long as you remember to hold them by the head.”

With this in mind, what do the Globalists, and the Q Alliance know about the coming Planet X flyby?

Do the Actors Know About Planet X?

In this Q drop from April of last year, it is quite clear that all actors know what is coming and the real meaning of it as is noted in red below.

Q Drop – 04/04/18

People are simply in the way.

UK/GER [5 days].
The choice is yours.

In this drop, Q raises a genuine matter of concern for all of us.  “MASS EXT EVENTS DESIGNED TO DECREASE THREAT LEVEL OF POPULATION.”

A mass extinction event can be the result of human-made or natural events. In terms of the coming Planet X flyby, it will be a deadly combination of both.

Interestingly enough, if you compare the U.S. Navy post-disaster map with a map of the USA based on political affiliation, it becomes obvious that the losers will come from both sides, but with one notable distinction.

The vast majority of those who perish during the coming tribulation is located in blue and purple states.  Conversely, the red states where the Q Community is strongly represented will have a clear survival advantage.

The message is clear.  Those who unknowingly or knowingly support the Globalist agenda will be cast aside just as easily as those who oppose it, because the only loyalties Globalists value are those they’ve purchased or coerced.  As to the loyalties freely-given to them by their supporters, the thanks will be cosmetic because the loyalty of these minons is  privately viewed as nothing more than the antics of “useful idiots.”

Mind you, this is not a political judgment of who deserves to live and who deserves to die.  During the coming Planet X tribulation, Americans will be laid side-by-side in mass graves without preference to race, creed or political persuasion.

Even if our American brothers and sisters think we’re bat shit crazy for being Patriots, I do not want them to suffer this fate.  I want them to have a fighting chance as well.

So, how will this mass extinction event Q speaks of be engineered and by whom?  The coup de gras for the common man and woman will be handed down by the Globalist merchants of death, namely the mainstream media.

The Mainstream Media – Merchants of Death

In the late ’80s, I worked with the Cable News Network (CNN) as a science features producer in Texas, when Ted Turner was running the show.  At that time, CNN was a lean, mean, news machine and it was a true honor to be on the team.  One I will always be grateful for, but what do I see today when I turn on CNN – Invasion of the Body Snatchers Part Deux and it’s sickening.

How did things become so screwy?  Here, the blame falls on the Globalists for the very reason Q points out in a recent drop and which is noted in red below.

Q Drop – 03/14/19




Despite the outrage expressed in town hall meetings across the country, the concentration of the media was never in doubt for the Globalists because every President after Ronald Reagan and before Donald Trump was a globalist.

In an interview in May 2017, Independent Bernie Sanders gives host Bill Moyers useful insights into what this concentration has done to the Fourth Estate and our country.

Bill Moyers, May 12, 2017
How Media Consolidation Threatens Democracy: 857 Channels (and Nothing On)

Trump’s FCC plans to continue a decades-long, lobbyist-backed effort to allow media consolidation, helping corporate bottom lines but hurting independent journalism.

What is media consolidation?

Media consolidation is the concentration of ownership of our news sources into the hands of fewer and fewer corporations.

Americans recognize that the media does not represent their views, and media consolidation is largely to blame. In the early 1980s, journalist Ben Bagdikian calculated that the majority of US media was held by just 50 corporations — and the number has dropped to only a handful since then.

In terms of Planet X, the upshot is that six corporations control the Fourth Estate and if the polarity and propaganda we now see in news reporting (if we dare call it that any more) is whatever a handful of powerful Globalists decide.

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So what is the upshot of all this?  There will come a time when everyone will see Planet X with their own eyes as people stand out in the street and point up to the sky with an ominous sense of dread.

When that happens, they’ll turn to the mainstream media to learn the meaning of all this, and that is when Q’s warning will come into play. MASS EXT EVENTS DESIGNED TO DECREASE THREAT LEVEL OF POPULATION.”

The Globalist media will look us in the eyes and lie.  They’ll tell us that Planet X will not strike the Earth which will be the necessary truth that sets the stage for the subsequent lies that the flyby will only be an interesting light show in the sky and not to be concerned.

Mst will be perfectly willing to accept those lies because that is what they’ll want to hear and any thought of deception will be cast aside with the assumption that “they simply couldn’t lie to us about something this big.” But they will and case in point is the backstory to what we now know as Planet 9.

Why Planet 9 Is a Globalist Lie

Would mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post intentionally lie to us, so as to ensure the greatest possible loss of life during the coming Planet X flyby?  Absolutely, because we’ve got smoking gun proof and here it is!

The story begins with a solid Planet X report by Chilean astronomers who published papers regarding their observation of what they claimed could be a very cold brown dwarf star and a large rocky planet several times the size of Earth in the outer reaches of our solar system.  In their papers, they asked other astronomers to participate in a sky survey of the reported objects.

What they got in return was a putrid Globalist attack by Mike Brown (a.k.a. Pluto Killer) of Cal Tech and Sarah Kaplan of the Washington Post (a Jeff Bezos Globalist attack rag) that was documented on our site in December 2015.

Yowusa.com, December 17, 2015
ALMA Astronomers Publish Planet X Papers Before USA Can Suppress

On December 10, 2015, ALMA astronomers published two Planet X scientific abstracts in which they report initial observations of two very large objects at the edge of our solar system.

Located in Northern Chile, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is the largest single telescope in the world and is located at an altitude of 5,000 meters.

Because this observatory is not under full or majority financial control of the United States government, the USA was unable to suppress the publication of these papers.

American resentment of this legitimization of Planet X theory was clearly evidenced on December 11, 2015 in a Washington Post article by Sarah Kaplan titled Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X.’ Doubting astronomers are in an uproar.

In Kaplan’s attack article, she maliciously and ignorantly smeared the reputations of astronomers Percival Lowell (founder of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ) and Clyde Tombaugh (credited with the discovery of Planet Pluto.)

Had anyone at ALMA even mentioned these two astronomers?  No, but if you have to kill a story, begin with the American astronomers who started the search for Planet X in America in the first place. In fact, it was Percival Lowell who coined the term “Planet X” to describe an unobserved object that is known to exist by virtue of the way it perturbs the orbits of observed planets.

As the title of our December 17, 2019 article states, the ALMA papers were published before it could be suppressed. Regrettably, this turned out to be partly true, because the ALMA papers were retracted due to behind-the-scenes threats and the Brown/Kaplan witch hunt.  Not at the speed of science, but the speed of politics and professional survival.

Having silenced the honest ALMA astronomers, Brown then filled the void he and Kaplan of the Washington Post created by spinning a whole new story about an object called Planet 9.

Yowusa.com, January 29, 2016
Michael Brown and Planet Nine — What is the Real Planet X Agenda?

Michael Brown and Planet Nine — What is the Real Planet X Agenda?On January 20, 2016, a paper by CalTech researchers Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown was published in The Astronomical Journal titled, “Evidence For a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System.”

Absent any actual observations; this paper offers a scientific explanation for Planet X which they’ve dubbed “Planet Nine.”

The key points to keep in mind with this article are that CalTech intentionally evades any mention of the term “Planet X,” and that this ground-breaking announcement about “Planet Nine” is based on extrapolation, not observation. Furthermore, it is not until the mainstream media begins reporting on the story that the term “Planet X” is used.

Since the Planet 9 announcement on January 20, 2016, no observations of this mysterious Planet 9 have been made.  Like the impeachment that Globalists assure is certain to come out of the Mueller report, Planet 9 is another unsubstantiated media myth, and this failure is treated with kid gloves.

Now you have two smoking guns.  The ALMA suppression by Brown/Kaplan and Q. MASS EXT EVENTS DESIGNED TO DECREASE THREAT LEVEL OF POPULATION.”

The Fate of Humanity Hangs in the Balance

The bottom line here folks is that every living soul on the planet has a dog in the fight so to speak and the real consequences of the Globalist agenda will begin to happen once everyone is looking up at Planet X.  That is when the mainstream Globalist media will lie to us by design, and good people will die.

All this brings us to the mother all who wins and who loses questions.  What will happen to the five to ten percent of the global population that survives the coming Planet X flyby if the Globalists prevail?  They’ll bear the yoke of slavery for countless generations to come and our descendants will be bred to serve the Globalist elites and held in bondage with brutal, hope-crushing efficiency.

Conversely, if the Great Awakening is successful, fewer will die and those who live to see the backside, a time after the tribulation when survivors will see blue skies and taste sweet waters once again.  In that glorious future, stouthearted survivors will be free to build upon a clean slate to create a new and enlightened future for humankind.

Where We Go One We Go All

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