Q Alliance – Punching the Bully in the Nose

| June 22, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QThis Sunday will be a non-stop blather of pontification and prediction about what President Trump will do to punish Iran for shooting down a very expensive drone aircraft that was flying in international air space.

Leading the acrimony pack is former Vice-President Biden who publicly injected the “blunder” word into the situation to undermine public confidence in Trump’s ability to handle this crisis.  Of course, this talking point keyword was dutifully echoed time-and-again by the globalist mainstream media.

This is why what we’ll mostly see on the Sunday talk shows is going to be a circus of lies and deception.  This is the consensus of the Q Anons who are researching previous Q drops for clues.

To put this all in perspective, let’s take a conventional, veneer-deep look at the current situation.  Then, let’s get under the veneer to see what the Q Anons are collectively saying is the more likely scenario and what that means for us.

Loose and Stupid

President Trump told the nation, that the attack on our drone was the result of “somebody who was loose and stupid,” and that “it’s all going to work out.”

Given that Trump called off his retaliatory strike on Iran ten minutes before launch left the MSM between a rock and a hard place, in terms of spin.  To illustrate, we’ll use two news articles posted by Bloomberg earlier today to illustrate the point.

In this first article, the news is reported fairly without acrimonious embellishment.

Bloomberg.com, June 21, 2019
Trump Says He Scrapped Iran Strikes Because They Weren’t ‘Proportionate.’

(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump said he called off retaliatory strikes on three Iranian sites following the downing of a U.S. Navy drone because the action would not have been “proportionate.”

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on three different sights when I asked, how many will die. One hundred fifty people, sir, was the answer from a General,” Trump tweeted Friday. “10 minutes before the strike I stopped it.”

One official insisted there was unanimity among Trump’s advisers on a response. Before the strike was called off, there were discussions Thursday about whether to heighten security and awareness at sensitive domestic sites, another official said.

Earlier Thursday, as the attack was being planned, Trump downplayed Iran’s strike on the U.S. Navy drone in the Persian Gulf that escalated regional tensions and fueled a surge in oil prices, suggesting a “loose and stupid” individual may have been responsible for the strike.

So much for honest journalism, because now Bloomberg goes into attack rhetoric mode with, “blink or bluff.”  Is that like wax on wax off?

Bloomberg.com, June 21, 2019
Did Trump Just Blink or Bluff in Standoff With Iran?

Was it all a bluff? After news leaked that President Donald Trump approved and then called off U.S. airstrikes on Iran last night, it emerged he’d warned Tehran about an imminent attack while insisting he was against war.

Today, as airlines began re-routing flights away from the Strait of Hormuz, Iran’s Foreign Ministry called in the Swiss ambassador, who also represents U.S. interests, for talks.

Was the outreach why Trump abandoned the strikes? Or was this the latest example of the whipsaw approach from a president who’s twice attacked Syria but also backed away from using force after lashing out at Iran and North Korea?

The president, who governs with the cliffhanger style of his Apprentice TV show, thrives on keeping supporters hooked on dramatic twists.

But as his 2020 re-election campaign gains steam, the stakes now include the prospect of armed conflict and instability in a region that supplies a third of the world’s oil.

In this anti-Trump article, a dark foreign policy concern is reduced to the dramatic plot twists of Trump’s old Apprentice TV show.  Who is Bloomberg writing for?  TV Guide?

In all its errant wisdom-less reporting, the MSM has reduced this situation to a schoolyard confrontation with a rather nasty bully.

Punching the Bully in the Nose

It may seem odd, to reduce all this international tension to the scope of a local schoolyard tussle, but then again, what we do as adults, is what we often do as children.

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When we look at the schoolyard tussles, we see the bullies, their sycophants, the intended victims, and everyone else to wants to see somebody get a-thumpin’.

In this tussle, I was the intended victim, and I found a way to punch a bully in the nose that stopped all other bullies from trifling with me.  As I did not have to break somebody’s body to do that, perhaps there is a useful parallel here between current events and my last schoolyard tussle.

I was the biggest kid in the class and a gentle giant by temperament. However, I also had enough body mass to throw bullies over the bike racks after I finally learned that appeasement is a no-win scenario.

It was as though these tussles were scripted because they always started the same way.  A new kid turned bully would be prodded into picking a fight with me.  Of course, the schmucks who set this useful idiot up always made them confront me at the bike racks, while I was unlocking my bicycle.

Behind the bike rack was a grassy field. That was convenient.  All I had to do was to get my hands on the bully du jour – an arm, a leg, whatever, then swing them off the ground and spin them around in a circle.  Then there was the main event everyone else came to seem because they’d see somebody getting a thumpin’ and a flying lesson to boot.

To fly the bully over the bike rack, I’d have to spin them fast enough to change the angle of attack for mortar shot onto the grassy field.  In retrospect, I was deadly accurate and always dropped them on soft turf, and when it came time to launch, everyone was treated to the sight and sounds of a hysterical bully screaming and cartwheeling through the air.  Landings were always perfect.  Well, mostly.

After it seemed as though I’d had more successful launches than NASA, I got to the point where I was tired of being bothered and annoyed by bullies. The bike rack strategy, while most entertaining (save for the bully), was not politically effective so to speak.

It was time for a new strategy, and I resolved that whatever tussle came next, it would not end with another bully cartwheeling over the bike racks.  Of course, I did not have to wait long until my next bully victim showed up.

The new bully du jour was half my mass, and I knew the jerk who’d put him up to it, but darn if he wasn’t determined and cocky too, so I had to deal with him.

This time, instead of grabbing him by an arm or a leg, I immediately shot out my hand, grabbed his shirt, and bunched it up in my fist. That took care of the cocky part.

Then I lifted him off the ground and holding him up like a trophy fish; I walked 25 yards over a hot asphalt schoolyard to the broad side of our red brick school building.

I remember the bully’s eyes were the size of golf balls when I punched his body up against the brick wall so hard that it winded him a little.  Pinning him against the wall, I just stared at him as he caught his breath.

That was when the look in my eyes was clear enough.  Next time, things will start to break. With that, I dropped them like a ragdoll and went inside.

How did it play out?  The next day, the ex-bully and I began a good friendship, and for a fact, that was my last schoolyard tussle.

The point here is that when you ignore bullies, you only provoke worse behavior.  You must respond and therein is the dilemma.  However, the way you respond to a conflict will end it or perpetuate it.

The takeaway her is that if Trump retaliates for the drone attack by figuratively speaking, throwing Iran over the bike rack, it will not be practical or helpful that is, assuming one is seeking peace as opposed to war.

As was reported, President Trump warned Iran of a retaliatory strike, then called it off at the last minute because the estimated death toll of the strike would be 150 people and Trump deemed this not to “proportionate” to shooting down a drone, and he canceled the attack just 10 minutes before launch.

No doubt there are bullies in Iran who are secretly wondering if they would have been among that 150, and a leadership caste that got the message.  Next time, things will start to break.  In the meantime, it’s no freebie.

With this in mind, let’s dive below the veneer of Washington spin for an underside view of what is happening.

The Underside View

The Q community sees the world in a very different way from what we see each night on the television.  Now stop and think about this.

  • Globalists want Trump dead. With banksters, it is “oh golly gee that’s drastic,” wink-wink-nod-nod.
  • Democrats want to impeach Trump. The more chaos they can create, the better.
  • Most of the MSM berate everything he says like exasperated Globalist pole dancers.
  • Globalist operatives embedded in the government seeking ways to embarrass, derail, or slow walk Trump’s efforts.

Of concern to the Patriots is that the branches of government most penetrated by Globalist operatives are the CIA, FBI, and DOJ.  AG Barr is leading the effort to restore the integrity of these agencies, but it is like how do you eat an elephant?  One spoonful at a time, and this is the whole herd.  Good luck with that.


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Let’s be honest.  At face value, how could anyone cope with all this, even if he is a Manhattan superman?  In other words, why is Trump still alive and on his way to another four years? Is he taking Q supplements? Could it be that new Q vitamin we hear about on infomercials? No and no.

The Q Alliance is a military operation, and Trump is their guy. Why do they fight?  Because they see the long term Globalist plan, which is to destroy America and Russia as world powers and to create a world that is uniformly poor.  That is why this is a fight to the death.

In my last Qx article, Q Alliance vs. Globalists – It Ends With a Noose, I made the case that there must be public executions to send a signal.  This cannot happen again. No more.

Does the DOJ have the moral fiber to handle most of the prosecutions?  The prevailing view in the Q community is no because they’re still too heavily infested with Globalist operatives.  However, our military is not and consequently; we’ll see military tribunals handling most of the prosecutions once the indictments are unsealed.

What is coming is going to be a reckoning, and there will be no pity for the Globalists and their minions.  There must be public executions to send a signal to corrupt people that this is not tolerated.  It will happen.  You will remember seeing it just you remember seeing the Twin Towers coming down on 9/11.

Also, keep in mind this nastiness goes all the way to the top.  Every President between Reagan and Trump was a Globalist, and this is why former members of the Obama administration are conducting as CNN puts it, “shadow diplomacy.”

CNN.COM, May 7, 2018
John Kerry engaging in shadow diplomacy to salvage Iran deal: The Boston Globe

Washington (CNN) Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been engaging in shadow diplomacy to try to preserve the Iran nuclear deal, a major diplomatic achievement of his, according to a new report.

Over recent months, Kerry has been holding meetings and speaking with big players in the Iran nuclear agreement, who, like Kerry, do not want President Donald Trump to withdraw the US from the deal, The Boston Globe reported.

Trump condemned Kerry’s reported engagement on Monday.

“The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal. He was the one that created this MESS in the first place!” Trump tweeted.

Did Secretary of State John Kerry go to Iran for love, Mom’s apple pie, and world peace?  Or did he go there to assure his deep state operatives in Iran that Trump will be eliminated as a threat and not to worry?

This is not farfetched, because the deep state is always telling rogue nations and bad actors that they’ll get rid of Trump and to stick to the plan. The Q community is often reminded of this and much more via Q.

Q uses cryptic messages and inferred meanings for two reasons.  The first is disinformation to the opposing side, and the second is drop bread crumbs here and there for the anons and the greater community. Consequently, different audiences get different pitches, and Patriots are signaled in ways only a follower can understand or appreciate.

Trump’s principal strength in dealing with the MSM is that he understands what motivates them and how to manipulate those using oblique and angled positions.  The MSM, on the other hand, is clueless about motivates Trump and the Patriots and therefore cannot accurately predict their next moves. On top of that, there Trump’s amazing ability to troll the MSM and the Globalist Deep State.

All this is what I call the “underside view,” because when you follow Q, you’re seeing moves and countermoves in the background, occurring long before the MSM notices them, assuming they ever do.

So what is the real concern here?  How do you punish a bully without provoking a false flag event?

Win the Peace

The MSM is painting this current situation with Iran on a nation vs. nation basis, or Trump vs. Ayatollah or whatever simplistic model fits the daily narrative.


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From the underside view, this is not about nations or personalities.  It is about factions, as in factions in America and factions in Iran.

Consider this; our 143 million dollar drone was shot down as a false flag attack by a hostile faction in Iran, opposed to any possible peace between the two nations. Ergo, this is about a shoot down by a faction or rogue actor, which is why Trump said, “It could have been somebody who was loose and stupid.”

Many in the Q Community currently maintain that Trump and Pompeo are negotiating with a faction in Iran that is ready for peace and that the drone attack was launched by opposing faction.  Worse yet, the opposing faction wants war and could very well be financed by a CIA deep state rogue operation.

Assuming this is so, the Trump administration has a tricky balancing act ahead.  On one hand, there are peaceful factions in Iran willing to deal, and the country’s economy is in free fall.  They have no money to fund terrorists or to pay troops.  They’re very pressed financially.

That the current regime will fall is expected, but what the Patriots cannot allow is a Globalist deep state operator assuming power.

Rather, Trump and Pompeo are trying to keep a lid on this false flag pressure cooker while working with a pro-Peace faction to push the Jihadists out of power.  This is not something you “blunder into” it is something you plan and win.  Let’s all wish them luck in winning the peace.

Where We Go One We Go All

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