Q Alliance and the Underverse

| May 10, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QWhat is the “Underverse”? It is a term I used to describe all of the various governments, corporations, covert organizations and so forth who use electronic means to gather information on us and surveilled us in a myriad of ways.

The Globalists created the Underverse, and the coin of the realm is privacy: your privacy, my privacy and that of everyone else.

Consequently, whatever we may think privacy is today, we have precious little left of it.  However, in a queer twist of fate, those who created this monster lost it in the blink of an eye.

Globalist Loss of Control

In a recent firearm safety course, the instructor taught us that not to be overconfident when holding a gun on a criminal. He explained that a favorite prison past time is to practice techniques for taking a weapon away from a victim or an attacker.

Ergo, if you think you’re holding all the cards because you hold a weapon in your hand know this; your adversary is calmly waiting for that opportune moment to snatch your weapon away from you.

Then, in the blur of an instant, you’ll find yourself you’re looking down the barrel of your gun and the guy or gal holding it has no compunctions about pulling the trigger. After all, a weapon only cares about the trigger, not who is pulling it or why.


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With this in mind, let’s substitute the actors.  The Globalists created and controlled the Underverse, and they used it indiscriminately.  Then Trump was elected, and suddenly, the Globalists were looking down the barrel of their government surveillance system and on the other side, a Patriot finger on the trigger.

But the entire Globalist advantage was not lost at once.  The Globalists have minions everywhere and through them, the flow of surveillance information could flow.  Consequently, while the Globalists were pursuing the Russian collusion delusion, the Q Alliance has been quietly draining the swamp of Globalist minions with access to the Underverse and others.

Much of this key draining has been accomplished and now that the Mueller nothing-burger report is in, the time has come to take a bitter Underverse harvest to the public square.

The Scope of the Underverse

May 2019 will be remembered as a pivotal moment in time because the tide of battle has clearly turned in favor of the Q Alliance.  What does that mean? Again, remember that the Underverse only respects the trigger, not who is pulling it or why.

The Globalists created the Underverse to spy on everyone else, but technical systems are indiscriminate and prone to taking liberties. Consequently, the Underverse has collected everything about us, but it also did it with the Globalists and their minions.


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Now, all of that damming and sensitive Underverse information about the Globalists and their minions is in the hands of the Q Alliance, and they’re using it and will continue to do so.

The Globalists understand full well the power of the Underverse because they created it to serve them. Now, the Q Alliance controls this powerful information system, and this denies the globalists the ability to see what the Patriots have and what they are going to do.

No doubt the Globalists have other sources outside of the USA, but those sources cannot tell you who has been named in a sealed indictment and for what.  As in orange is the new black.

This very dread is what is driving the Globalists to attack Trump in way possible no matter how farfetched.  They are blind to what is coming at them from the Q Alliance; the globalists principally battle on through their mainstream media and social media empires.

With the mainstream media, we hear the same talking point du jour from several outlets, such as a “Constitutional Crisis.” These daily talking point propagations are proof of a centralized media machine. An American Pravda Network if you will.

As to social media, our government has outsourced our first amendment constitutional rights to private companies to do with as they please and with no oversight.  Start a Youtube Channel titled Tea Doilies for Democrats, and may the Adsense revenue be with you.  You’re golden.  Untouchable!

Conversely, start a Youtube Channel titled Tea Doilies Exposed, and you will soon find yourself sitting on the Group W bench with mother robbers, father stabbers and all other kinds of undesirables.

The point is, how did this all get so screwed up and is there anything to be done for it?

The Future of the Underverse

The existential reality of the Underverse is that the genie is out of the bottle and herein we find an ageless concern.  The axiom, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Assuming the Q Alliance prevails, what will it do with a genie that has an unlimited appetite for privacy?

With regards to the mainstream media, the best and fastest way to restore a worth national press is to return to the decades of FCC anti-concentration laws and regulations that worked so well in the past.  These protections fostered true excellence in journalism through diverse ownership.

These protections worked magnificently but were methodically removed by the Globalists because they limited the ability of their corporations to dominate the news through acquisition and centralization.  This concentration is serving the Globalists well, but not America, because the only thing they use it for, is to promote anger and division.

Therefore, a faithful reinstatement of decades of FCC anti-concentration laws and regulations is long overdue.  If were are have free media, there must be competition, which promotes healthy competition.

As to social media, Congress needs to take the reins again.  Giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, need to be stripped of their unfettered right to decide who is and who is not talking and thinking like them.  These companies should become regulated utilities that must respect a universal statement of privacy rights.

Yes.  All that sounds good and fine but what is my greatest t concern for the days to come?

For Patriots, what happens to the Underverse and the Fourth Estate will be true canary-in-the-coal-mine measures of their moral fiber.

Will they be seduced into abuse, or will they do whatever it takes to give us back our rights of privacy and free speech.

After all the perp walks, this is what I’ll be looking for, if not earlier.

Where We Go One We Go All

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