Q Alliance and the Horror

| April 14, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QThe country is now in the post-Mueller nothing burger transition, and for the last two years, the Globalists and their media minions have expended considerable force and energy against President Trump.  Now that they’ve exhausted much of their political ammunition, they’re mostly fighting rearguard action until they can create another pointless national scandal.

Consequently, we now see the tide of battle beginning to turn in favor of the Trump administration and the Q Alliance as they take up offensive positions for what will be a lengthy series of powerful counterattacks over the coming years.  The eventual victory will be the end of the Central Banks and to achieve that victory, the Q Alliance must first eviscerate the wealth and power of the Globalists.

The most effective weapon the Q Alliance holds for achieving this goal is transparency, for it will show us all Americans the depravity of the Globalists.  I call it “the horror” and there will be a mountain of evidence about terrible depravities we cannot imagine.  Nonetheless, the Q Alliance must show the country these horrors if we are to break free of the Globalists once and for all. .

If you think this will be a lengthy process of complex legal interpretations, hearings, and investigations, you’re right, but only half-right. The other half of the story is that the globalists can only be taken down when their depravity, the horror as I call it, is exposed and herein is the crux of the matter.

The horror will be so awful to behold, that many Americans will fall into a propaganda state of cognitive dissonance.  Hence their typical response will be a knee-jerk mantra of “I can’t believe it,” as orchestrated by the fake news talking points of the day.

For most, this will be as far as their rational minds can take them and if this happens because the Q Alliance dumps the horror on the public, the effort is certain to fail.  For this reason, the possibility of provoking a national reaction of cognitive dissonance presents the Q Alliance with a huge conundrum that is the stuff of Hollywood movies.

Consider that timeless line from the 1997 blockbuster, Men in Black.  It happens Agent K speaks a line that has become a movie classic. “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

The point here is that if Trump and the Q Alliance overreach by dumping too much too soon, the public will be overwhelmed and all be for naught.  This is because Globalist propagandists will jump on this opportunity to turn perceptive individuals into angry mobs of deniers.  Of course, there will be the usual arguments.  The pictures are Photoshopped, the testimony is all lies, and it’s all a politically-motivated conspiracy and so forth.  Those of us who follow the topic of Planet X, already know this tune.

To illustrate the problem, let’s see how cognitive dissonance is shaping the perception of current events on America’s southern border with Mexico.

The Power of Human Denial

On the right, the message is that there is a crisis at the border.  On the left, there is no crisis, even though this is exactly what the left was warning the nation of in years past.  What has changed since then is Democrat party’s view on constituencies, wealth, and power.

Before NAFTA and China and the WTO, the Democrat Party was a solid party of the working class.  Now, it is a party for the very rich and the very poor, because, in a single-minded pursuit of wealth and power, the working class was abandoned by the Democrats to suffer the predations of the Globalists and endless unwinnable wars. Now Trump’s ‘forgotten people’ including abandoned Democrats, once again have a voice in how America is ruled, which brings us to the wealth and power aspect.

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The Illegal drug and human trafficking occurring along America’s southern border is the wealth engine of the Globalists. No wonder they’re hysterical about Trump’s wall.  It will shut down their illicit money machine. Likewise, immigration reform which is the hot button issue of the ‘forgotten people’ will also throttle the Globalist political power base.

The ‘forgotten people’ dominate America’s heartland and thanks to the Electoral College, they have a level playing field with regards to the Democrat city-states.  This is precisely why the Democrats are demanding an end to the Electoral College.

Therefore, should Trump begin shipping or “dumping” illegal aliens into sanctuary cities, it will be a nightmare for the Globalists because the Sanctuary Cities are in solid blue states, where the Globalists already hold vast voting majorities. Ergo, increasing these blue state majorities with illegal aliens who have been gifted the unearned right to vote will be of no benefit to the Globalists.

What that Globalists want is to flood the country with illegal aliens, give them the right to vote and ship them into red states where they will water down the political power of the ‘forgotten people,’ Trump and the Q Alliance.

Oddly enough, there is a parallel here between dumping nuclear waste and illegal aliens. The mantra is the same on the left – “not in our backyard.” Consequently, we have a battle of perception, and this goes to the crux of this article.  How the Q Alliance will present the horror to all Americans.

Perception is Everything

Remember, this is a fluid and ever-changing battlefield where it’s all about moves and countermoves and if the Q Alliance and Trump are to prevail, the key term for success is not an illegal alien or Globalist.  It is perception, because perception is everything.

Herein is the problem.  How do you open people’s eyes and minds in a way that helps them to perceive the world as it is?  This is a tough question.

For example, the Democrat leaders in Congress continually assure the country that there is no crisis at the border, even as they steadfastly ignore the many requests by law enforcement agencies to visit the border to see the situation. The best way to ignore a truth that does not support your narrative is with self-inflicted ignorance.

To illustrate the point, I am going to describe a troubling photograph I studied while researching this topic.  I’m not going to show it to you because it is so dark and troubling, you may have a knee-jerk denial reaction.  Therefore, I’ll describe it to you, to help you acclimate yourself to the kind of horror that must be revealed to all.

The Horror Cannot Be Unseen

The photograph showed a Latina in a jungle setting.  The woman was a drug cartel victim in her mid to late thirties.  In the photo, her naked, lifeless body was skewered like a hog or a lamb and hung on a spit to roast over an open flame.

Her manner of death was obvious given the blood pattern on her face.  She had been held down on the ground and her head forced to once side so that the perpetrators could force her mouth wide open.

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Then, while she was alive, the perpetrators pushed a six-foot steel skewer down her throat, through her body, and out her groin.  Her arms and feet were then bound with steel wire to the skewer, and the perpetrators closed her eyes before taking their trophy photograph.

As I examined this unfortunate woman, I wondered who she was, and I could tell by the way her breasts hung over the flames, that she had mothered at least one child.

Now, when I hear people say “there is no crisis at the border,” I remember this disturbing photograph of an inhuman cruelty that cannot be unseen.  How can one truly say that “there is no crisis at the border” when it is the drug cartels that are working hand-in-hand with the Globalists to undermine the public perception about what is happening along our Southern border.

If the Q Alliance were to make that picture widely available, the Globalist propaganda machine would cry “fear porn” from the rooftops, and the sad truth is that most Americans would agree.  Not because they thought out it, but because they sense the truth and do not want to go there.

But what about the horrors of the Globalist elites and the monstrous things they do?

Many in the greater Q Community know about a video obtained from a political person’s laptop that shows a Globalist sacrifice.  In the video, a young girl is shown being sacrificed in a satanic.  While she was alive, her face cut off to make a flesh mask that the celebrants used to cover their faces like a macabre Halloween mask.

As for the child, after the Satanists removed her face, while she was still alive, adrenochrome was extracted from her adrenal glands.  Her chest was also cut open, and her beating heart removed, so the celebrants could enjoy the hallucinogenic effects of the adrenochrome in her blood.  Satanists do this because they are addicted to the adrenochrome extracted from live torture victims and America will be shocked to learn about these powerful monsters.

According to reliable sources, a Special Victims Unit in a major city viewed this video.  The officers in this special group routinely see terrible and depraved sights, but this video was a bridge too far.  After watching the video, the SVU team members left the viewing room in tears.

If the horror profoundly affects enforcement professionals who deal with this kind of depravity, what will be the effect of most Americans and should these kinds of videos and photos become public?  Yes, because if this depravity remains hidden, it will continue, and the Q Alliance will certainly fail.

Conversely, if the Q Alliance can find a way to reveal this depravity in a slow-motion release that helps the public prepare itself emotionally for that which can never be unseen, a national consensus will rise above the distraction of politics and propaganda.  At this point, the revulsion will be existential and widespread.  Then, when the vast majorly support the Q Alliance, the jig is up for the Globalists and their central bank minions.

How will the Q Alliance navigate these treacherous waters of truth?  Only they and the good Lord know exactly how and no doubt, this has been an agonizing element of their overall planning strategy.  As for the rest of us, all we can do is to follow their lead and to hope for sanity.

Where We Go One We Go All

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