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Author Topic: Egyptian culture going back over 11,000 years  (Read 4005 times)


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Egyptian culture going back over 11,000 years
« on: March 03, 2017, 10:34:06 PM »
Yowbarb Note:
This website has articles about Egyptian culture going back over 11,000 years ago.
[ 9000 BCE + 2017 CE = 11,017 years ]
Many people believe human civilization only goes back a few thousand years.
Not all archaeologists or historians would agree with the theory of over 11,000 years. See the info; you can decide.
It is possible (based upon theories of 3600 yr passages of the PX system) that there was a passage of the planet system around 8783 BCE then 5183 BCE, which would have been in the Faiyum A Culture in Egypt, listed below. The passage which might have occurred about 1583 would have been during the dynastic period in Egypt...More on that later... 
...  Ancient history Encyclopedia

c. 9000 BCE - c. 6000 BCE

Faiyum A Culture in Egypt.
c. 6000 BCE - 3150 BCE

The Predynastic Period in Egypt.
c. 5000 BCE - c. 4000 BCE

Merimba Culture in Egypt.
c. 4500 BCE - c. 4000 BCE

Badarian Culture in Egypt.
c. 4000 BCE
El Omari, Ma'adi, and Tasian Cultures in Egypt.

c. 4000 BCE - c. 3500 BCE
Amratian Culture (also known as Naqada I) in Egypt.

c. 3500 BCE - c. 3200 BCE
Gerzean Culture (also known as Naqada II) in Egypt.

c. 3200 BCE - 3150 BCE
Naqada III Period Culture in Ancient Egypt.

3150 BCE - 2613 BCE
The Early Dynastic Period in Egypt; beginning of historic dynasties.


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