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Air, Energy, The future
« on: May 23, 2011, 09:03:36 PM »
As I start writing I must recognise my faith, The Almighty, God, Creator, Jehovah and Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

In doing so that is enough for my salvation to be complete. paraphrasing and acknowledging Noah's ark alone as the only premise as written and stated here; nothing less nothing more.

I believe Noah as each of us humans are directed by The intuition God and creator. " Not as proper, but of a simple individual person that understands what is in front of themself.

So this is my contribution.
Please don't be intimidated by either of these two masters.
Take the time to down load each of the current posted videos and you will have enough value to rebuild after even a complete loss.

I cannot do all, be all for this prospect but can only show a direction for those that can accomplish the impossible with extra resources at your disposal.

you may find this tool useful.
John Bedini has kept a short list of videos you should copy for your future.
Dr stiffler has an also impressive index of Ground circuits that are extremely virtual endless power-sources. These are the holy grail of Tesla Energy Of the modern day simplified to the last degree

From my personal lab and friendships with Bob Boyce and Fred Wells including literary a thousand hours of studies on this subject matter, I have acquired enough information to build high output hydroxy systems that could supply something an endless supply of fuel from water. This is fuel to do anything from a cook stove to internal combustion engine fuel; Cars Generators, water pumps whatever. You could separate these two gases easily using specific polar action that attract each of these two gases.
   All I am going to be able to bring is my preliminary build. My resources will hardly allow me to to fortress my loved ones so this may be my best contribution. 

If you could combine any or all of these systems unlike today as a slave to the energy companies and fuel companies you would be free indeed. You will be able to clean as much water as necessary etc...

Zane Muckey

Modifications 1;

Taking into account everything I have learned about Bob Boyce's hydroxy systems which are not open to the public I decided to build a system that I could divulge of my own. what I feel is the most important parts of Bob'b systems are two fold.

1. Each cell needs to be sealed flawlessly.
Leaks; electrically or mechanically are not good. The electrical leak can be associated with a bottle of water, Milk, or soda you get at the store. "No Leaks". (THIS IS FOR ONE CELL ONLY!) And this is also true with the following....
 The gripper plate is "mechanically" capable of holding the electrical connection indefinitely, one for pos. and one for neg. These are positioned exactly 1/8 " apart in all directions.The plastic holds these in that position so shorting will not happen with longer 316L SS Welding rods. any violent shaking and hammering will not effect these electrodes.
    Each cell needs to measure the same dimensionality as the first. This dimensionality I speak of is by closely designing and building. These will measure capacitance and henry's equally.
    Each cell may only be allowed to convey 2 volts.
This is nothing new; or is it?
    Word; My observations about Bob's cells that are common with all hydroxy or HHO systems. 

Each combination of cells {depending on how many volts you will supply}will be electrically equal and at some point be allowed to resonate.
When building this system you will find large volumes of amperes will readily want to join in. But that is not a bad thing. If you add more cells,(bottles of water) your voltage will drop more and more and make the amperes usage bearable.
This will have a two fold benefit where the cells will not heat up but produce ample quantities of hydroxy.

Bottom line I will try to make the first prototypes complete and do videos to post that way it is not all just big talk. is that fair?
Stay tuned.

Now, an update of Fred Wells "Fast Freddy",
     I talked to Fred the other day and it sounded like the powers that be are going to allow him to bring out the system that he has been running the Dodge truck on. That is my, totally my own conjecture. He did not say that in any way shape or form. he said he has all the financing that anyone could ever want and so on but that it would be released.
It is really quite scientific but who cares. lets say it is not a toy!

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