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Author Topic: video: Secets of the Super Gods  (Read 4308 times)


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video: Secets of the Super Gods
« on: January 20, 2011, 11:02:11 AM »
"Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods 1/19"

Comment from another forum:
[start quote]
Maurice Cotterell has done some in depth research with respect to the importance of the Sun. His lecture on "The Secrets of The Gods" was filmed and is presented below. He sheds tremendous insight as to why life on this planet is governed by our Sun and also how the Sun has been responsible in the past for the destructive Earth Changes that have occurred.


"In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilizations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamun of Egypt, and the Viracochas’ of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China and the European Celts.

His research explains how the 28-day spinning Sun regulates fertility in females and how it determines personality of the fetus in the womb (sun-sign astrology). It explains how the Sun causes schizophrenia, how mobile phones and overhead power lines cause cancer and how VDU's (TV and computer screens) cause miscarriages. And it explains how the Sun brings periodic catastrophic destruction to Earth every few thousand years.

His own unique decoding process reveals amazing pictures from archaeological treasures that explain the spiritual mysteries of life; why we are born, why we die and why this has to be.

His work, best described as ‘adventure fact’ brings together modern science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to unlock the secrets of the past, the present and the future."

Since Maurice speaks from a podium and is using an overhead projector, the video is mostly in the dark, yet the information given is most "enlightening"!

You will perhaps come to understand the role that our Sun plays in this whole human and planetary drama. It's definitively worth watching!
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Re: video: Secets of the Super Gods
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 11:59:13 AM »
Did not watch all of the videos but what I did see was pretty darn interesting.
He has some interesting ideas !


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