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Author Topic: If you help one person be aware of the need to prepare...  (Read 15246 times)


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Re: If you help one person be aware of the need to prepare...
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2011, 05:25:28 PM »
We ALL want people aware and try in our own ways, this is not something we can force others to accept, subtle hints go a long way and has worked well for me with people.
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Re: If you help one person Be aware of the need to prepare...
« Reply #16 on: January 13, 2011, 09:10:42 PM »
The rejection blank stares and unwillingness to look beyond ones self does not matter to me anymore. If I were to talk to 1,000 people and only one even considered opening there eyes its worth it. Ignorance of people is below me and I will not allow their anger and discontent to effect me and my message. Under any circumstance I will continue to do what I think is moral whatever they may say. My motivation is life for people and nothing will get in my way or distract and I mean NOTHING. We must stand STRONG in our beliefs. If not the anger of our world will consume you takeing you away from your purpose which is being prepared and helping others.
I hear you LOUD & CLEAR......been 'hearing' this song( over and over today: "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride, I got to keep on moving"! I take this to mean, no matter what comes our way......nobody's gonna stop me from telling the truth, from getting the message out!


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Re: If you help one person be aware of the need to prepare...
« Reply #17 on: December 22, 2011, 12:11:40 PM »
I have been announcing to friends and family for many, many years of things coming. For the most part, they think I'm crazy. Some see and don't want to do anything. Or just don't care. What scares me is when the SHTF, they'll be looking for me to help them. I will do all that I can but how can you keep the sanity in your friends and family or even yourself? I've been preparing for several years. They have not. So I've came to the conclusion in telling them..."An Emergency on your part does not constitute an Emergency on my part. I repeat this to them many times in a conversation. There will be so many people, friends, family, etc. that will just be plain crazy wanting to abuse my resources, or just take what they can. I am prepared to leave my present location. Did a dry run with Hurricane Irene.
  We all have people we have tried to open up to what is coming and we all will have the same scenerio. What do you plan to do when this situation happens and they are pounding on your door or even trying to break in or even wanting kill you to survive? Chaos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a point that I'm tired of trying to explain what is coming, yet I still do. I pray for these. I've read in the Scripture that you can move mountains with prayer. I've also been told that you better bring a shovel.

Plantman if you don't mind my asking, do you have an immediate family, such as wife and children
and/or ex wife and children, also a few close friends who are like minded in this situation?
You can respond by PM if you prefer.
The reason I am asking is, if you have children, or adult offspring who would cooperate with you,
maybe the wisest course of action is keep your survival location very secret and make those closest to you
the priority.
We don't know yet if something major will happen, or several somethings - if so, it is possible a survival
group would need  a minimum of two years food, water, also all it takes to plant and hunt more food.
I feel it is possible much of the soil in the Aftertime will not be fit to plant in for awhile.
See:    Minimalism in 2012 / The soil in the Aftertime 

Back to my train of thought...regarding who you can take with you:
(Also if the ___ really does hit the fan and once the group goes underground, there needs to be an
ongoing cultivation of food such as:
Sprouts growing,
LED vegetable & fruit cultivation,
Yogurt cultivation,
perhaps even fish pond, in one protected corner of the shelter...
- OR- or in a separate container...
some domestic creatures such as the chickens etc.

The reason I have mentioned that is, MREs and canned goods will need to be supplemented with cheap
continually - cultivated foods. Partly for nutritional value, and partly because no matter how we all try,
people's stores of MREs and canned goods might not be enough.

All this has to be set up in advance, the leds the growing soil, the sprouter containers, the battery - operated or low heat yogurt cultivator;
which will be needed to grow mushrooms in the dark, the fish deal is tricky with the timing, it would need to be put in place shortly before
zero hour probably. It is quite a project having the shelters for the domestic animals set up... It may be a good idea to have a totally trusted
friend managing things on your survival site. (I have posted some suggestions about his on the T.H. previously.)
Now that is a lot to confront. Forgive it, you probably know all this and then some, already on your own.
It's a rough world. You have every right to pick and choose who you will have with you and
who you will save. Let me know what you think and I hope it is OK I posted this to you,
Barb Townsend

Hi Barb,
  I'm not really worried about the period during or after. I'm leaving that up to God. And I guess I really shouldn't worry about the unprepared. It's all in Gods' hands. I'm just wondering about those that wake up too late or come to realize that they didn't pay attention. They will be a scary bunch of frantic people. I have no children, no wife. So that will not be a burden. I have many nephews and their children and one sister that is still living. And many, many friends that I keep informed, yet they do nothing to prepare. I can only do so much on my part. I am handicapped. (one leg). So it is difficult as is.
  Just wondering how I will confront all these when the time comes, even though they have been informed. Maybe I should leave that in Gods' hands also.
  I do not attend church. Haven't found one that teaches the complete truth. Most seem to teach fantasy. 
Sometimes, I wish I didn't see but I'm glad I do. We have been awakened for a reason. And that is to prepare and tell others.
I depend on this site for information and it has been such a great help. Just curious what we will do when the warned and unprepared look for us when we have disappeared. Or if we remain in place. Now that is kind of scary.
        Take care

Hello again Plantman40. So, you answered my questions... it does look like you have some family and friends
and contacts you are concerned about.
Well you know what you are doing, all I can say is try to keep your location secret, if that is still possible and
try to make sure you are not alone in your location.
True there might be some really crazy panicked behavior... true not so much we can do about that possibility except to keep on.
I wish you All the Best,  :)


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