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Title: Getting It and Getting Through It No. 2 — Author and Healer, David Elliott
Post by: admin on November 27, 2010, 09:48:24 PM

When the ball drops on Times Square this year, the first decade of this new millennium will pass into history. 

A momentous beginning for 2011 and so our resolutions for the coming year must be expansive because prophecy warns us that decade ahead will be difficult for humankind. 

We each make our own resolutions, and so part 2 of this 3-part series offers helpful concepts that address the most common who, what, why, where and how questions.

In this installment, popular author and healer David Elliott, reveals then powerful way people all over the world are coming into awareness through their guides. According to David, the universe is not trying to kill us, but rather, that it is trying to save us.

The author of Healing, he offers the wisdom of self-healing with the common sense approach that any family farmer can recognize and respect. Devoted to his mission, he makes a free copy of book available as an PDF ebook. It is available via his web site.

Also in this 3-part series, host Marshall Masters, reviews what he calls his Dirty Dozen, and offers simple remedies for keeping yourself healthy in a what will be a dirty world of tribulation, filled with soot, ash and dust.

Over the last decade, Marshall has conducted his own analysis of survival gear suitable for a prolonged tribulation environment. At the breaks, he'll present his study findings for a wide range of survival gear. 

He'll also recommend items that can be potentially helpful and tips on how best to shop for them at local stores and online.