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No worries at all Barb :)>
In that dream, yeah, you could say i was right in there with the action lol. I've had a few like that over the years actually. Running for my life or sort of standing there watching things unfold before waking up.
I should have been a bit more clear on the location instead of just saying LA lol, i will go back to that post and edit it i think just so it clears it up for anyone else reading it, but yes, i meant Los Angeles.  But a few of my dreams i have posted in these forums, have been about the USA. I think i may have had 1 or 2 about Melbourne Australia.
I used to live in Melbourne when i was younger. One night, i was driving home, from the city, late at night and virtually no traffic on the road, when the car felt like it was skating on ice all of a sudden. Next day, found out there was a earthquake in Melbourne. Some time later, i was at home playing games on my computer, late at night again, when i see the walls and floors of my home moving in waves. That freaked me out and bolted outside. Again, next day, found out there was another earthquake. So, for Melbourne to be getting 2 earthquakes in a short time span and then nothing for about 20 years, somethings happening i think. FYI, these werent dreams, this was IRL. After the second quake, i wanted to get out of Melbourne. Not long after those earthquakes, was when i started having these dreams. Which i even had a dream of volcanic activity in Melbourne as well. It was in the city itself, not the suburbs, but the suburbs were effected by the ash and falling rocks,etc. But the city, was in trouble.

When you say it took you a minute to know what was being shown to you, my thoughts on why its like we are being held with in the dream, is to make sure we understand the dream, or whats going on in the dream.  Like theres a presence there with us, guiding us, and when they know we understand whats going on or where we are,etc, they let us go so we can wake up.
Another way to think of it, some dreams, you dream it, right? But something makes you super excited or it freaks you out, you then jump up out of bed in a fright or whatever. Then, you basically forget the dream ever happened. The other thing is, in normal dreams, we dont normally know where we are, we just dream. 
But these dreams or visions some of us have, seem so vivid to us, that we remember the details in them years after we have them. We know where are, like someone is there saying "You're in LA USA". Thats what i got from my dreams. Its almost like hearing a voice, like someone is standing next to you talking to you, but you can hear it telepathically. I could be wrong in this, but, something tells me, we are meant to have these dreams. Look at Nostradamus. How many prophecies he get right?
With you having dreams of volcanic activity, along with me having dreams of volcanic activity in the same city....makes me wonder. 
I also wonder if anyone else here has had dreams of volcanic activity in Los Angeles?

Totally agree, it is good to know others out there are having dreams and experiences as well. But is also a bit scary as well. The unknown can always be a bit scary. But its nice to have these warnings.
I'll be honest, i think they are precognitive dreams. Because as i said earlier, its like we are being told, "its going to happen here", or "you are here in this city". Thats what i get anyway when having these sort of dreams. Like someone is standing there telling me things, but they arent there visually, but i can still hear them.
I have said to God when i pray to him, if it is you that is sending me these visions, to keep them coming because i want to know.
I dont believe they are just normal dreams, because they are just too vivid and they stick.
One thing i have noticed though in these dreams, i never hear or sense dates or times when or if these things will come to pass. Which brings me to this, a passage from the bible, "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.", which is a good thing, otherwise the world would be in chaos and people would live in fear.
I didnt think i wrote so much lol. Sorry.... :o

Awwww shucks Barb   ;D
Ive actually missed coming here lol. Its like my 2nd home  ;D
But yeah, i think the oil will always find a way to the surface again, so i think you're right :)

We missed ya too. :)
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