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Title: History of violence
Post by: Alfred Williams on January 29, 2011, 07:23:47 AM
 We are seeing it at an increasing rate. Like the dumb robber slipping in the ice. It was unfortunate that he died, or maybe not. We may find out his sad back story very soon. No matter how sad the back story the event should be seen as an example of our growing intolerence for this kind of thing. How to build on such a tragedy. And then of course the Police Station violence. Being nonviolent it is hard to even propose this but here it goes. If we as a society choose to play be a new rule not a law but a rule of thumb that if you are perpetrating a crime and in full public view or camera and you decide to pull off any criminal act involving brandishing a gun than our police or any Law enforcement person should have the rule that says take him out"PERIOD". Then we would see less violent robberies. This is wrong on many levels with me but a rule of engagment that a supect brandishing a gun with intent to harm is not worthy of rules that favor the perpertrators but instead favor the populations safety. A police Station should have metal detectors much like when we walk into Walmart except instead of rf chip monitor it could be a detector for guns. It can be automated but the people inside would know if an Officer came through w/o his weapon as well. Where is it if not in his holster. A simple metal detecting setup is what every precinct should have. These devices are not that sofisticated and a ripe with over pricing because it is our security for sale. The cost of our security has greatly exceded our ability to build a high enough wall of protection of which there is none.
 This idea is so wild west boarderline till I know it would never be a law or could it be but what should we do we are armed to the teeth and these events will escalate. I hate guns and violence but I hate the misuse of guns worse than any fear from the population being armed. This is a difficult issue and I hope we can discuss it without too much fanning on flames. I just want some other viewpoints. I know very few people that do not have a gun. I hope that we will never be forced to pull a trigger other than target practice. This is a topic I need our veteran Law enforcement to chime in on as I am a layperson in need of guidence on this sticky topic.  I am not leaning on any platform of procedure, I just want others input to brainstorm human behavior{{:>)
Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: Jimfarmer on January 29, 2011, 12:58:37 PM
Some societies have nearly no violence.  Others destroy themselves with internal violence. 

I received a link to the movie in another forum, but I have not been able to get to it directly in order to provide a link here, and now my computer time is about to expire.  Help appreciated.

Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: Linda on January 29, 2011, 01:28:00 PM
Here's the link to 'ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD  movie Jim was referring to.
Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: Jimfarmer on January 29, 2011, 01:33:14 PM
Ah, now I got it.  (I was able to grab another few minutes of computer time)
Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: ASEEKERTOO on January 29, 2011, 04:37:28 PM
If an individual walks into an area begins opening fire I would hope that a police officer would take them out without prejudice.
Police Station Violence is not really new as it has happened in the past albeit it seems like it happens more frequently. A well
designed police station protects its officers with a well built building which do not allow for easy access to the officers. Partition
walls and bullet proof glass etc.........
I would hate to think that I would be shot on sight for carrying a gun in my waistbelt because I wanted to register it at the
police station. :)
i believe in the death penalty in open and shut cases where no doubt whatsoever exist that the individual commited the crime
and with malicious intent. Not 15 years from now but tomorrow post haste. My gut feeling is that would comprise about 25
percent of the total population in the prison system.

Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: Alfred Williams on January 29, 2011, 05:47:47 PM
This is one of the best videos to date on our system
Title: Re: History of violence
Post by: Alfred Williams on January 29, 2011, 05:50:56 PM
Asseekertoo thanks for your take. and thanks Jim Farmer and Linda for this video link. I hope evryone posts this on their facebook