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This is a summary of the dreams my family has

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   Do you ever have a dream that was information overload?  Where you wake up crying over something that didn't make sense? or laughing uncontrollably?My husband and I have many dreams about end of times, or apocalypse, but that's just it! It's not the end of times. Maybe in another form?  We both have dreams of leaving with people that are not people but look like a regular persons. We were told to only carry what we can and seeds are the best thing we can think of. My husbands carries bags of seeds but for some reason the only seeds we keep are in our pocket. I don't know how to describe the feelings we both get , but there almost like sadness and gratefulness at the same time. Our three children are there and I can't help but feel a great responsibility to explain what all the emotions and chaos that is happening. I don't know how to explain it correctly but it seems like they can relate with what I have to say. My daughter wakes up says to me " We are going to lose everything, but don't worry; everything will come back to us." I don't know how to explain a feeling of swallowing your heart and love with gratefulness at the same time.
       These are reoccurring dreams for my family and they do differ in minor amounts but they are all very close. My husband has more violent dreams of chaos with lightning and fire. I don't know how else to explain this but I also have visions similar while I meditate.
      During my last vision my family and I are pulling a wagon to the Mayan temple. this is very close to this image
      My husband has had dreams about this temple as well; only he says he can pass through walls and is visiting everyone there all at the same time.
      Not sure how prophetic on metaphorical these dreams are and sometimes things just are not clear enough to understand, but there they are.  If we continue to spend our time writing we would love feed back or questions.

wow very interesting please share more with us cheers mate :o


--- Quote from: LightBeing on December 26, 2010, 10:49:54 PM ---Ohooo these make sence to me on this..there is more going on here in this country than meets the eye!!! remember back during ww2.when 3 or 4 people were standing in a field all alone but still afried to talk openly for fear of someone might here?? why?? even back in ww2 thay had the ability to lisen in on conversations from long distances away?? correct??? that was befor the internet was here... there is a river of information flowing over your head approx 30ft. its called the internet..go the your computer,,see your internet connection?? thats only there to bill you a monthly charge,,,nothing more.. the river is still there..
The point is the us goverment is using the internet with highly complacated programs wrighten by companys like google and silcone vally to  comuncate with your spirit wile you sleep...see this websight (a course in light)...spend the 1000 dollars for the cd's that teaches nothing but spirtural communcation...then turn it over to google and ask them to build you a program that does everything atomaticly..for any amount of money..that what the goverment has done..
these big computer companys..have 5 stages of guards on the doors befor you even get close to them is for a reason..there are whole floors doing nothing but creating feeling or anger in has many people has possable...there taking over your thinking,,your thought process..Your ability to control your own emothions..they can creat lafter,,then sadness,anger,any of them can be done with someone sitting behind a pc someware.when your sleeping your more vonarable,,not aware of whats going on..then they slowly intruduce anger,,and walk you thought the 5 stages of emotions until you reach exceptance..and the minute enought people reach exceptance thay can introuduce any bill or law they want...anything!!!

cace in point...the new health care you relize that the us goverment classifid the intire thing and told the voters that they were going to pass it first make it law...then thay would tell us what was in it..and still havent...but its the law!!!!

Why isnt more poeple made about this???? because there controing anger in people first...then attion to whats happing and dont blow anything off as ramdon everts

--- End quote ---

LightBeing, I sent you a Private Message,
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they could be past life experiences. do you find yourself talking in a different language?

Thank you for sharing your dreams.
I believe they are future events. When I read about your dreams I can see and feel like I am there. Frightening and exciting looking back with sadness and fear, looking forward with relief, very exhilarating.
I thought if I had to walk away from this life and could only take what I could carry what woud I bring with me? I will have to ponder that question more (much more).
Did you get the feeling everything would be okay? Did you get the feeling that there was nothing worth taking with you?
Were you there with family and friends or with people you never had seen.
I saw people that look human but were not human like us they feel different, not from here but benevolent helping us with our journey.
I can see your husband with dark gray pants black shoes with his pockets bulging with seeds.
Again thank you for sharing.


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